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Oticon Xceed Hearing Aid

New Xceed Power Hearing Aid from Oticon - Launched September 2019

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Phone Calls Transcribed Live

Phonak myCall to Text

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Bernafon Viron Hearing Aid

New Swiss Hearing Aid for 2019

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A New Scientific Approach to Choosing the Right Hearing Aids for Your Hearing and Your Lifestyle

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NHS vs. Private Hearing Aids

It may sound odd as a private independent retailer of hearing aids that we love our NHS. We love them so much that we have campaigned on their behalf via the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists to make sure that during these terrible times of government austerity that the audiology department hasn't had to cut its services by too much.


However, some hospitals have had no choice but to take measures to meet demands. These include cutting patient/ audiologist time or appointments completely, outsourcing to the private sector but paying peanuts, only fitting patients when their hearing is 'bad enough', only fitting one hearing aid where two are necessary and fitting cheaper hearing aids that are way behind modern technology. Let it be said though that there are some magnificent audiology departments, audiologists and hearing care assistants in hospitals and on the high street doing some sterling work.


Two of our audiologists have both worked in NHS audiology departments in the past and comment that there are good and bad departments, but the quality of the technology available to them on the private side is vastly superior. Here are just some of the differences:


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Unitron Moxi Fit R

The Moxi Fit R is the smallest rechargeable RIC available
The Moxi Fit R is the smallest rechargeable RIC available

In addition to the original Moxi Now, Unitron now offer a rechargeable version. The Moxi Fit R is the world’s smallest rechargeable hearing aid instrument that offers over 24 hours of use, including 90 minutes of wireless streaming, that can be fully charged overnight in 6-7 hours.


A single rechargeable battery can replace up to 100 disposable batteries, though rechargeable battery cells can be swapped with traditional zinc-air batteries at any time so that they can be worn for longer periods when there is not a nearby charging station.


The Moxi Fit R features the new Tempus platform, which is 50% more accurate and 36% faster when compared to the North platform in recognising and locating speech.


Tempus has intelligent SoundCore technology, which contains a group of four features that work together to understand a user's listening environment. It automatically makes fluid adjustments so that users can actively participate in every conversation, across every environment.


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Unitron Moxi Now and Tempus

Unitron’s Moxi Now has condensed the best of latest hearing aid technology into the world’s smallest receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid currently available, featuring the new Tempus platform. It improves performance in challenging listening environments, such as conversations in noise and conversations in crowds, and allows for a more natural sound experience with much less effort.


Tempus’s intelligent SoundCore technology allows you to make the most of all conversations. It has a group of four features which work together to automatically make fluid adjustments as needed to suit your listening environment.

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Unitron Tempus Launch

Unitron Tempus

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Unilateral Hearing Loss & Why One-sided Deafness Needs Investigating

One-sided deafness or single-ear hearing loss needs to be checked! Hearing loss in one ear can have several different causes.


Also known as unilateral hearing loss and unilateral deafness, it occurs when you have reduced or no hearing in just one ear. It may occur suddenly or gradually but it always needs to medically checked by your audiologist, GP and possibly ENT.


With even the slightest hearing loss in one ear it may be difficult to understand speech in a crowded room. You may also have a problem tuning out background noise and in determining which direction a sound is coming from.

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HyperSound by Turtle Beach - Glass Directional Speakers

This has to be the best hearing device to aid the listening of television and music for the hearing impaired. Turtle Beach have announced their new HyperSound speakers which are directional and transparent!

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