"Tinnitus is the conscious awareness of a sound sensation in the ear or head; in the absence of an external sound source."

Tinnitus Solutions

Take the first step in finding a solution for your tinnitus with us today

At Liverpool Hearing Centre, we understand that the impact of Tinnitus can be life changing. We have helped many people just like you to manage their Tinnitus and take back their life.


Almost all modern hearing aids now have built-in features that may help to alleviate tinnitus. A tinnitus assessment would allow us to find the best brand/model to help you. We can also make custom earphones to work with tinnitus apps at a much lower cost than tinnitus enabled hearing aids if you don't have any associated hearing loss.


All of our tinnitus devices can be provided on a free no-obligation trial so that you can assess there effectiveness before you purchase.