Professional Audiologist Microsuction Earwax Removal at Liverpool Hearing Centre

Key Takeaways
1. Our microsuction service offers a more thorough ear examination than typical clinics.
2. Use of an ENT microscope, tympanometer, audiometer and video otoscope sets our service apart from your average earwax removal.
3. Hearing screen test included, a unique feature in our earwax removal services.
4. Detailed GP report sent with ear canal / ear drum photos for continuous care where necessary.
5. Quick, comfortable, and effective earwax removal by a qualified HCPC registered audiologist.
6. Tailored care for each individual's ear health needs. We also have all the equipment for other types of earwax removal if appropriate.
7. Further evaluations, such as full hearing assessments, detailed tinnitus and balance consultations, can also be arranged in-house as and where required.


General Ear Health Examination (Both Ears): £45

  1. Outer ear check
  2. Video otoscopic examination
  3. Tympanometry for eardrum and middle ear function
  4. Hearing Screen Test
  5. GP report with photos sent to your health centre.

Microscope microsuction: £20 per ear

The General Ear Health Examination and the Microscope Microsuction are conducted at the same time and it all takes approximately 30 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions about Professional Ear Wax Removal

What is professional ear wax removal?

Professional ear wax removal is a safe and effective method for cleaning the ear canals of excess wax. This procedure can be performed by healthcare professionals, such as audiologists or doctors, using specialised tools or solutions to gently remove ear wax without causing damage to the ear.

Why might someone need professional ear wax removal?

Individuals might need professional ear wax removal if they experience symptoms such as hearing loss, earache, a feeling of fullness in the ear, or tinnitus as a result of earwax buildup. It's also a preventive measure for those prone to excessive wax production or for those who wear hearing aids.

What are the methods used for professional ear wax removal?

Common methods for professional ear wax removal include microsuction, where a small vacuum is used to suck out the wax; irrigation, a gentle wash that flushes wax out; and manual removal with special instruments like curettes or forceps.

Is professional ear wax removal safe?

When performed by a qualified healthcare professional, ear wax removal is a safe procedure. The specific method used will depend on the individual's condition and needs, with the utmost care taken to avoid damage to the ear canal or eardrum.

How often should someone undergo professional ear wax removal?

The frequency of professional ear wax removal varies among individuals. Some may require it only once, while others might need it regularly, such as every 6 to 12 months. It largely depends on the rate of ear wax production and accumulation.

How should I choose a professional for ear wax removal?

Choosing the right professional for ear wax removal is crucial for your safety and comfort. It's advisable to look at Google reviews to gauge past patients' experiences and satisfaction levels. Additionally, inquire about the equipment used; a professional using modern tools like an ENT microscope can offer more precise and safer removal. High-quality equipment and positive reviews often indicate a reliable and experienced practitioner.

Understanding Microsuction Earwax Removal

Microsuction earwax removal using an ENT microscope is recognised as one of the safest and most effective methods for earwax clearance. At Liverpool Hearing Centre, we specialise in this advanced technique, which involves the use of a microscope to view the ear canal and a gentle suction device to remove the earwax. Unlike traditional ear syringing, microsuction is safer, quicker, and more comfortable, making it the preferred choice for earwax removal.

The Absolute best Comprehensive Earwax Removal Consultation in Liverpool

Initial Examination and Assessment

Every microsuction procedure at our centre begins with a mandatory video otoscopic examination. This allows our audiologists to assess the amount and type of earwax and check the health of your ear canal and eardrum.

Advanced Technology for Detailed Examination

Our use of an ENT microscope in the microsuction procedure allows for unparalleled precision and detail. This sophisticated equipment provides a clear view of your ear canal, ensuring the safe and effective removal of earwax.

Tympanometry: A Step Further in Ear Care

We also include tympanometry as a standard part of our examination. This test, not commonly offered in regular earwax removal clinics, displays how healthily the eardrums are moving and provides an indication of the overall health of the middle ear.

Hearing Screen Test

In our commitment to comprehensive ear care, we include a hearing screen test with our microsuction service. This test is a value-added feature, giving you a complete overview of your ear health, which most earwax removal services do not include.

GP Report

After the procedure, we provide a detailed report for your GP. This ensures continuity of care and keeps your GP informed about your ear health.

Our Microsuction Earwax Removal Service Ensures Safety is First

The microsuction procedure at Liverpool Hearing Centre is not just about removing earwax; it's about ensuring your overall ear health is checked and cared for. Your hearing is a vital sense and we recognise that we are responsible for this while you are in our clinic. Our expert audiologists use the latest techniques and the best equipment to provide a service that is safe, quick, and comfortable. With our detailed approach, we cater to each individual's needs, ensuring the best possible care for your ears.

Safe & Comfortable Ear Cleaning somewhere you can trust

Have you got blocked ears? If you are suffering from a build-up of ear wax which is blocking your ear; causing hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness or discomfort - then micro suction is the recommended treatment for you.

Micro suction loupes

Safe, Comfortable & Quick Ear Wax Removal via Micro Suction

Micro-suction is the safest and most-effective method of wax removal. Unlike the traditional methods of ‘syringing’ or ‘irrigation’ which use water; micro suction is an entirely dry procedure that uses a gentle suction to remove wax. The procedure is completely pain-free and unlike ‘syringing’ and ‘irrigation’ does not necessarily require any pre-treatment with oil or drops.

Micro suction

The benefits of our Micro Suction Ear Wax Cleaning

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No Mess, No Syringe

Micro Suction earwax removal is the safe, quick and comfortable method of ear cleaning delivered by an ear care professional

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Safe, Registered & Insured

Carried out at our excellent Rodney Street Clinic, we charge £45 for a general ear health examination and £20 per ear for earwax removal. There will be a video otoscopic examination before and after the procedure to show you the results. If the problem isn't a blocked ear, then a hearing test may be carried out and/or referral advice may be given.

Convenient & Professional

Safety is paramount and the procedure should always be comfortable and pain-free. We employ only fully qualified and registered experienced ear care professionals who are additionally trained to Liverpool Hearing Centre's standards as well as the standards set out by their registering body. We have also worked closely with insurance providers to make sure our practitioners and our patients are fully covered.

  • We recommend that you pre-treat (if you have time) with olive oil for 1 day before your appointment to help avoid any re-appointments. Earol is available from most chemists and you can order here.