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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – UPDATE


Due to the emergence of COVID-19 in early 2020 we have taken extra steps to protect the health and well-being of our clients and our staff at Liverpool Hearing Centre:

  • You will be triaged on the phone to ascertain that you are not classed as ‘shielded’ by a health professional or authority, basically people with underlying health problems that are susceptible to complications with COVID-19.
  • We also need for you to confirm that as far as you are aware you have not contracted or been in contact with anyone that has contracted COVID-19, that you or a member of your household have not suffered a recent, continuous cough or had a high temperature in the previous 2 weeks.
  • You will not come within 2m of another person within the centre. If you arrive early for your appointment we may ask you to wait outside. Please don't be offended. We need to clean all areas where the previous patient has been.
  • You will need to apply hand gel on entry and wear a disposable face mask (which we will provide) in the consultation room (just in case you have unknowingly contracted COVID-19 and are asymptomatic).
  • We may ask you to use hand gel at various times during your visit.
  • We will ask you to avoid touching surfaces as much as possible and also on exiting the clinic to apply hand gel once again. For our part we will wash our hands thoroughly before interacting with you and a disposable mask.
  • We also recommend that you pre-treat with olive oil for at least 1 day before your appointment to help avoid any re-appointments. Earol is available from most chemists and you can order here.

Safe & Comfortable Ear Cleaning somewhere you can trust

Have you got blocked ears? If you are suffering from a build-up of ear wax which is blocking your ear; causing hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness or discomfort - then micro suction is the recommended treatment for you.

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Micro suction loupes

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£55 for one ear and £75 for both with free video otoscopic examination and scan hearing test

Safe, Comfortable & Quick Ear Wax Removal via Micro Suction

Micro-suction is the safest and most-effective method of wax removal. Unlike the traditional methods of ‘syringing’ or ‘irrigation’ which use water; micro suction is an entirely dry procedure that uses a gentle suction to remove wax. The procedure is completely pain-free and unlike ‘syringing’ and ‘irrigation’ does not necessarily require any pre-treatment with oil or drops.

Micro suction

The benefits of our Micro Suction Ear Wax Cleaning

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No Mess, No Syringe

Micro Suction earwax removal is the safe, quick and comfortable method of ear cleaning delivered by an ear care professional

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Safe, Registered & Insured

Carried out at our excellent Rodney Street Clinic, we charge £55 for one ear wax removal and £75 for both ears. There will be a video otoscopic examination before and after the procedure to show you the results. If the problem isn't a blocked ear, then a hearing test may be carried out and/or referral advice may be given (up to £50)

Convenient & Professional

Safety is paramount and the procedure should always be comfortable and pain free. We employ only fully qualified and registered experienced ear care professionals who are additionally trained to The Hearing Lab's standards as well as the standards set out by their registering body. We have also worked closely with insurance providers to make sure our practitioners and their patients are fully covered.