Phonak Lyric

The Phonak Lyric Subscription Model:

  • 30-day trial period to fully experience Lyric benefits
  • Seamless hearing journey with Lyric subscription:
    • Get a new Lyric device every 120 days for consistent performance and comfort
    • Choose a 1-year subscription for £1,700 per ear or PAYG monthly £175 per ear
    • Enjoy updates in Lyric's capabilities without worrying about outdated devices
    • Receive regular expert care and support from authorised hearing care professionals
    • Benefit from periodic performance evaluations to optimise Lyric device function

Experience excellence in hearing with the Lyric subscription model, featuring cutting-edge technology, attentive care, and unwavering support.

Liverpool Hearing Centre has been selected as the only clinic in Merseyside & Lancashire to Provide Lyric.

As one of only a small number of approved Lyric centres in the world, we are proud to have been selected and to have received the excellent manufacturer training in this unique ground breaking product. Such is our belief in this product, we would like to invite anyone to try this product 100% free of charge for 30 days. We will also include our comprehensive hearing test free of charge for specific interest in this product.

Probably best described as the contact lens for your ear, the Lyric is growing in popularity around the world. Phonak, the UK's largest supplier of hearing solutions has created a small, but a highly sophisticated device. The hearing device is placed directly in your ear canal by an audiologist and stays there for a period of three to four months. In this time the hearing aid is not taken out at any time. You can shower, go to the gym and sleep with it without experiencing any discomfort in your ears. The Phonak Lyric is completely unique and Liverpool Hearing Centre has been selected as the region's only provider.

What Makes the Phonak Lyric so unique?

Phonak, a Swiss company, with over 60 years’ experience in manufacturing hearing aids must have really listened to it's customers when developing this unique and ground-breaking product. Discretion, ease of use and a natural sound are all that most people want and this delivers on all counts


Sitting precisely 4mm from the ear drum and implanted by a specially trained Liverpool Hearing Centre audiologist, the Phonak Lyric is completely invisible at all times. Even people with highly active lifestyles can use Lyric and forget thy're wearing a hearing aid not just for a day but for months at a time. With its discreet and smart design, the Lyric will provide you with a clear and natural sound at all times, even when sleeping. No one can will ever see or say that you are in need of a hearing aid as it is inside your ear at all times.

How is the Phonak Lyric Fitted?

The Phonak Lyric can only be fitted by manufacturer trained audiologist at an approved centre. The specialist measures the ear canal so to fit the right size device from XXL to XXS. The right size is a crucial part of the fitting as the device stays in your ear for a couple of months. When all of the measurements are done, the hearing aid is fitted usually in the same appointment as the initial assessment. The audiologist will place it inside precisely 4mm from your eardrum deep in the canal where it won't be visible or slip out. The fitting may feel strange and possible a bit tickly but in no way painful. It will be fitted in the ear for a period of up to 4 months.

There's no need to change batteries with Lyric

The in-house designed battery system forms part of the hearing aid and will last for the full wear period of up to 4 months. You'll return to the hearing centre on set dates to have the whole device replaced for a new one. No changing or recharging of batteries is required during the time of use. You therefore don't have the hassle of taking your hearing aid out, changing batteries and putting it in again. This device is naturally perfect for people with limited dexterity as they don’t have to fit small batteries or indeed ever take the hearing devices out and put them in again.

Phonak Lyric & Tinnitus

Wearing any hearing device will remove the tinnitus sensation in 80% of people who have a hearing loss. However, Phonak Lyric has one major advantage of all other hearing devices and that is that it is not removed during any part of your day. It therefore proves especially efficient in the moments when tinnitus often effects people the most, in the night time. The hearing aid is not removed when you go to sleep and can therefore help you to manage the noises at any time, no matter where you are. Indeed, it may help you at any time of day and in any environment.

Phonak Lyric Price

The Lyric hearing aid is not just completely revolutionary in its design, it is the only hearing aid which is only available on subscription. This means that every time your battery runs out (approximately every 2 to 4 months) we will replace it for you, giving you a completely new Lyric with all the many improvements in technology which have become available. This means you never need to upgrade your hearing devices. Any hearing advances are updated in your new replacement at no further cost.

The Phonak Lyric price is a yearly subscription of £1,700 per year per ear. If a subscription does not appeal to you, there are many other invisible or discreet-style hearing aids available. Contact us today for a full hearing assessment and put your hearing concerns behind you.