Warranties & insurance


Liverpool Hearing Centre gives a standard 2 year warranty with all of our hearing aids and longer warranties can be purchased on request at the time of purchase.

  • All hearing aids supplied have a minimum two year warranty as standard.
  • Warranties can be extended to five years at a cost of £150 per aid but only at the time of purchase.
  • Out of warranty repairs come with an extended 6 month warranty.

Other companies may offer longer standard hearing aid warranties that may seem attractive but they are built into the cost of the aid.


Hearing aids are very reliable these days if looked after and audiologists can usually repair your hearing aid on site and without charge so it's usually more economical to pay for repairs as they happen anyway.



There are companies that offer five year warranties as standard but this is reflected in the cost. We allow our customers to choose what they pay for. We have heard of some retailers charging up to £240 per hearing aid for an extra years warranty. By law, you cannot be charged for an extended warranty if it is included in the price that the hearing aid manufacturer charged the retailer.


They all come with two years warranty as standard but some sneaky companies actually ask for shorter warranty periods to be provided to them so they can charge for the additional years. Be suspicious if they only offer a one year warranty. A warranty is not the same as an insurance policy in that it wont cover loss or accidental damage/abuse. If you are using your home contents insurance, please add your hearing aids as 'special item - all risks'.


“Older people can be more prone to misplacing small items, such as hearing aids, and arranging specialist cover on a parent or loved one’s behalf can help set everyone’s mind at ease.”


Warranties do not cover accidental damage only natural wear and tear. You will need to insure your hearing aids. Animals and children seem to be fascinated by hearing aids and they can easily get lost and/or crushed and even stolen if left in a bag.


Most people add them to their home contents insurance but this only insures the hearing aids whilst at your home. Liverpool Hearing Centre recommends Assetsure as they can offer all these extra benefits:


  1. Includes worldwide cover up to 60 days per trip.
  2. Includes special extensions as standard such as mysterious disappearance.
  3. Accidental Damage, Loss and Theft cover included as standard.
  4. They send you back to the original audiologist for replacement in the event of a claim rather than sending you to someone you don't know.
  5. They cover devices for customers who live in care homes
  6. All peripherals are covered as standard such as remote controls.
  7. Underwritten by Lloyd's London, the best financial security on offer.
  8. Assetsure customers will also receive 20% OFF Home Insurance.