Warranties & insurance

If looked after, hearing aids are very reliable, and our audiologists work closely with the manufacturers to make sure both you and your devices are well taken care of. All hearing aids purchased before February 2024 are automatically on our Platinum Plan. We have two plans. Regardless of which plan you are on, we are here to provide on-going care and the following services are available to you when and wherever you need them.


Plan Comparison

Feature Platinum Plan Essential Plan
Warranty 4/5* years 2 years
Programming Included Included
Fine-tuning Included 1 appointment
Aftercare* Lifetime PAYG
Service & Clean Included £100**
Hearing Tests Included £100**
Reprogramming Included £100**
Appointments Clinic, Online, App & phone Clinic, Online, App & phone
Other Services Chargeable at clinic rates Chargeable at clinic rates
Apple/Android App Included Included
Cleaning Kit Included Included
Charger Included Included
**subject to change

Many hearing aid ‘repairs’ are not repairs and are more of a cleaning issue. Often, the hearing aid microphone or speaker filters are blocked. In these cases, we will carry out a Service & Clean and charge the current published rate regardless of warranty status.

Service & Clean

The outside of your hearing aid will be cleaned using an antibacterial and antiviral wipe. The speaker filter will be removed and the speaker tube will be vacuumed using a pre-sterilised, single-use, fine-end suction tube. The microphone filter will be brush-cleaned and vacuumed, along with the battery compartment. The speaker filter and sleeve or dome will be replaced with new parts. They will then be dried and disinfected in a dehumidifying UV chamber.

In-warranty Repairs

Liverpool Hearing Centre offers a 5-year warranty on most hearing aids under the Platinum Plan, with a few exceptions at 4 years*. The Essential Plan includes a 2-year warranty. Accessories have a 1-year warranty. Note that a minimum 2-year warranty is standard in the UK, and shorter warranties should be questioned. Warranties cover repairs but not loss, accidental damage, or abuse. For these, add hearing aids to your home insurance as a special item or take out a separate policy.

Out-OF-Warranty Repairs

Liverpool Hearing Centre will inspect any hearing aid up to 4 or 5-years old and repair or replace the device with a like-for-like new or ‘good-as-new’ refurbished device at Liverpool Hearing Centre’s sole discretion, for £295 (includes tracking and insurance both ways, and return packaging) or £200 per device if personally brought in and collected from our centre for up to 4 or 5 years from the original purchase*. A 6-month repair warranty on the repaired or replaced device is included.


Just drop them off at reception if you're bringing them in yourself.

Click the ‘Send Us Your Repair’ button below if you want to send your hearing aid(s) to us.


Warranties do not cover accidental damage, only natural wear and tear. You will need to insure your hearing aids. Animals and children seem to be fascinated by hearing aids, and they can easily get lost, crushed, or even stolen if left in a bag.


Most people add them to their home contents insurance but this only insures the hearing aids while at home. Liverpool Hearing Centre recommends Assetsure, as they can offer all these extra benefits:


  1. Includes worldwide cover up to 60 days per trip.
  2. Includes special extensions as standard such as mysterious disappearance.
  3. Accidental Damage, Loss and Theft cover included as standard.
  4. They send you back to the original audiologist for replacement in the event of a claim rather than sending you to someone you don't know.
  5. They cover devices for customers who live in care homes
  6. All peripherals are covered as standard such as remote controls.
  7. Underwritten by Lloyd's London, the best financial security on offer.
  8. Assetsure customers will also receive 20% OFF Home Insurance.

*Signia Silk and Styletto are the only hearing aids that have a maximum 4-year warranty. This 4-year warranty is only available on our Platinum Plan.