Liverpool Hearing Centres Service Fees

Hearing Tests, Tinnitus Assessments, Balance Assessments, Hearing Aid Servicing, Repairs & Reprogramming

At Liverpool Hearing Centre, we understand that maintaining your hearing aids is crucial for optimal performance and comfort. Our hearing aid repair and service options are designed to ensure your devices function seamlessly, supporting your hearing health needs. Here’s what you need to know about our hearing aid services and the associated costs and benefits.

Service Prices

Service Price
General Ear Health Examination

Outer ear & middle ear video otoscopic examination, tympanometry for eardrum and middle ear function, hearing screen test, and GP report with photos sent to your health centre.

Full Hearing Assessment

Includes a General Ear Health Examination. Find out more.

Earwax Removal

Foreign body or earwax removal under ENT microscope includes outer ear & middle ear video otoscopic examination, tympanometry for eardrum and middle ear function, hearing screen test, and GP report with photos sent to your health centre.

Vestibular Assessment

Includes a medical & physical assessment, medications & supplements review, video otoscopy, hearing assessment, tympanogram, hints & voms oculomotor tests and potentially caloric test, dix-hallpike test, supine roll test, epley manoeuvre/gufoni manoeuvre, diet advice & exercise advice and any referral suggestions. Find out more.

Vestibular Follow-up

Additional vestibular manoeuvres and/or testing.

Full Tinnitus Assessment

Includes a Full Hearing Assessment and General Ear Health Examination. Find out more.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Sound therapy-based appointment using hearing aid tinnitus modules and general modified TRT.

Impression(s) 1 or 2 ears

Impressions taken and includes any necessary earwax removal

Audiogram for Medical Purposes

Hearing Test with a short standard report

Child's Hearing Test

Includes tympanometry, play audiometry (where necessary), speech audiometry and pure tone audiometry. Find out more.

Out-of-Warranty Repair Per Ear

Hearing aid reception drop off and collection. Sent for professional repair and includes all parts.

Hearing Aid Reprogramming 1 or 2 Ears

Remote or clinic-based reprogramming of one or a pair of hearing aids. Hearing Test is not included.

Impression & Mould Replacement Per Ear

Replacement mould and fitting for BTE hearing aid. Includes impressions and price is per mould.

Professional Report

Cost depends on length and difficulty of requested report

Any Hearing Aid Setup 1 or 2 Ears

General Ear Health Examination, Full Hearing Assessment, & Hearing Aid Reprogramming for 1 or 2 Ears


General Ear Health Examination & Hearing Aid Check


General Guide to Hearing Aid Services at Liverpool Hearing Centre

You do not need to have bought your hearing aids from Liverpool Hearing Centre for us to repair them. We have an "all make repair" contract with Starkey Hearing, whose UK factory is based in Stockport and they will repair hearing aids from every manufacturer using quality parts. Just drop off your hearing aid(s) at our reception and we'll do the rest. Your repair will have a 6-month warranty.


The functionality of hearing aids can significantly diminish over time due to regular wear and tear. Issues such as reduced sound quality, feedback noises, or even complete malfunction can arise, making professional repairs essential. By choosing Liverpool Hearing Centre for your hearing aid repairs, you ensure that your device receives the highest level of care from qualified audiologists and certified technicians using the latest diagnostic tools.

Understanding Costs and Why It Pays to Invest

Many people wonder about the cost of a test, assessment, or treatment and why paying for these services is beneficial. At our centre, the cost is an investment in accurate diagnosis and personalised treatment planning, which is crucial to prescribing the most effective solutions. Paying for a professional evaluation ensures a thorough assessment using state-of-the-art equipment, leading to precise results and tailored solutions. At Liverpool Hearing Centre, we simply don't want you to feel rushed or like a number at a big high-street brand. Let's get to know each other!

Tinnitus Assessment and Treatment

Tinnitus can be a debilitating condition, but with our full tinnitus assessment, patients receive a comprehensive evaluation that leads to effective management strategies and treatment options. Understanding and treating tinnitus early can significantly improve quality of life.

Children's Hearing Tests: Investing in Early Detection

Children's hearing tests are crucial for detecting and addressing hearing issues from a young age. Our dedicated services for children ensure that any hearing problems are identified and managed effectively, promoting better communication and learning development. Learn more about the importance and cost implications of children's hearing tests.

Balance Disorders

Balance disorders can be complex and multifactorial, often related to issues within the inner ear. Our balance services include comprehensive diagnostics and treatment plans, aimed at improving stability and reducing symptoms of dizziness or vertigo. These services are essential for those who experience balance issues, ensuring they receive the most effective and personalised care.

Ear Cleaning Services: Safeguarding Your Hearing Health

Regular ear cleaning is crucial for maintaining good ear health and preventing conditions such as ear infections or hearing loss due to wax build-up. At Liverpool Hearing Centre, we offer earwax removal services by qualified professionals using ENT microscopes and gold-standard, safe, and efficient techniques. Video otoscopy and tympanometry are also standard at every appointment.

Programming and Reprogramming Hearing Aids: What You Need to Know

Can I Program My Own Hearing Aid?

While users can make some simple adjustments at home, programming and reprogramming hearing aids typically requires professional expertise. This ensures that the device is optimally set according to your unique hearing loss and needs.


Cost of Reprogramming a Hearing Aid in the UK

The cost to reprogram a hearing aid can vary, but it is a worthwhile investment to ensure your hearing aid performs at its best. At Liverpool Hearing Centre, we offer reprogramming services that adapt your hearing aids to changes in your hearing condition or your personal requirements, ensuring you always have the best auditory experience. Our prices can be seen in the table above and you don't need to buy your hearing aids from us to experience the best programming for your hearing aids in Liverpool.