Hearing Service Fees

Hearing Tests, Hearing Aid Repairs & Reprogramming

Service Description Cost


Re-shell or remake of a custom in-the-ear hearing aid £350

Foreign Aid Care

Adjustment/Programming of a Hearing Aid Bought Elsewhere (includes PTA, 1-year aftercare and warranty) £250 per aid

Out-of-warranty Repair

Repair to any make of hearing aids (includes a 6-month warranty) £200

Mould replacement

Replacement Mould and Fitting for BTE Hearing Aid. Price per mould. £120

Hearing Screening

General Ear Health Examination £45

Hearing Test

Pure Tone Audiogram and report (refundable with hearing aid purchase & may be used for legal purposes) £100

Service and Clean

Cleaned, dehumidified, and UV-treated; speaker and mic vacuumed; removeable parts replaced if required. Price is for one or a pair of hearing aids. £100


Remote or clinic-based reprogramming of one or a pair of hearing aids. £100

Tinnitus Assessment

Full Tinnitus Assessment £190

Tinnitus Therapy

45-minute Tinnitus Therapy appointment £100

Medicolegal Reports

Cost depends on length and difficulty of requested report  £100 - £500

Ear Impressions

Ear impression(s) for external manufacturers. Cost is the same for one or a pair. £75