Unitron Tempus Launch

Unitron Tempus

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One of Liverpool Hearing Centre's clients gives his review after trying the new Unitron Tempus Moxi Fit R - the smallest rechargeable hearing aid in the world (at time of writing).


It quickly became clear that these hearing aids stand out because of their realistic 3D sound qualities. We absolutely love them for this reason. They sound so clean and refined with no background noise.


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Hear in the most difficult situations

Unitron's newest platform is the latest proof of their passion for bringing technologies to market that help patients solve their biggest complaints around conversations. The extremely high performance of Tempus conquers the listening environments that patients find the most challenging – conversations

Take command of conversations.

Life is full of great conversations, every one different than the last. Now, thanks to Unitron's intelligent SoundCore technology, you can make the most of them all. Unitron's group of four features work together to understand your listening environment, making the fluid adjustments needed so you can actively participate in every conversation, across every environment.

Tempus puts speech in its place

SpeechPro lets you understand speech, and know where it’s coming from, in the most challenging listening situations: conversations in noise and conversations in crowds.

Tempus keeps it real

Spatial Awareness gets the hearing instruments out of the way so you truly know which direction speech and other sounds are coming from.

Tempus knows the environment

Nobody does automatic like Unitron. SoundNav precisely identifies and classifies signals into seven distinct environments, blending them to match real life. And it’s the only solution out there that has four environments dedicated to conversations.

Tempus features get the balance right

Once SoundNav performs its analysis and classification, Sound Conductor dynamically balances adaptive features to make speech sound clearer across each unique listening environment.