Moment from Widex - Launched 17th March 2020

Widex Moment Hearing Aid Launch March 2020

New Latest Hearing Aid from Widex

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The revolutionary Widex Moment, launched in late March 2020, claims to deliver the most pure, natural sound ever. Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid reaches the eardrum moments later than the sound heard directly. These two ‘out of sync’ signals can mix to create an ever so slightly artificial sound. But not with Widex Moment.

Widex is a Danish company founded in 1956 by the Tøpholm and Westermann families and is still owned by the original founders’ relatives. Widex has kept their mission throughout the years; to provide the absolute best and most advanced hearing aids with a natural sound on the market.


Widex is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids which are sold in almost 100 countries and the company employs over 4,000 people worldwide. Widex keeps a close collaboration with international audiological researchers and specialists, with an uncompromising approach to innovation that has led to such advances as the world’s first 100% digital in-the-ear hearing aid in 1995, as well as their own revolutionary wireless technology, at a level of quality that few can match. All this has forged Widex reputation as one of the most innovative manufacturers in the industry.


Widex was the first manufacturer to launch a product, Widex Evoke, to incorporate machine-learning technology (Artificial intelligence). That technology is still available on their newest product, Widex MomentTM, but now with a sound that changes everything; a sound that doesn’t sound like a hearing aid anymore!

Widex Moment Hearing Aid Types & Styles

You would be surprised at how many styles of hearing aids there actually are but product launches are usually limited to the smaller behind the ear models (RICs), but not at this launch. As well as the smaller RIC products, Widex have upgraded their customs products, leaving their power Fashion behind-the-ear range to be extended probably later this year.


The Widex MomentTM comes in 5 different types and all products are wireless, therefore offering all connectivity, although only the mRIC R D and RIC 312 models comes with all the streaming ability. Both products, custom and behind the ear, are available in just two different sizes - 10 and 312.

Widex Moment Technology Levels & Prices

We are seeing 4 technology levels in the new range 110 (Bronze), 220 (Silver) 330 (Gold) and 440 (Platinum). The styles available are both Receiver in Canal (RIC) with Passion RIC 10, Fusion RIC 312 D, and mRIC R D, and the custom in the ear style, CIC, XP ITE and Custom ITE.


The RIC style is available in 13 different colours and the custom styles in 3 different colours. All Moment products are available in Liverpool Hearing Centre's Core Product Range.

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Yes. Only available on the RIC style, the discreet mRIC R, is the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion receiver-in-canal hearing aid available, that will provide you the power you need to hear every moment of your day, including sound streaming from other devices, with a full fast charge time – 100% in 4 hours, offering 16 hours of use.


Yes, Widex Remote Care. Sometimes called eAudiology, essentially means that your Audiologist can make changes to your hearing aids without you being required to visit the hearing centre. Widex have it available across all their connected hearing aid range and can be used from the Widex Remote Care app via the WIDEX REMOTE LINK. Remote programming has many advantages, the biggest being live programming in an environment that you’re actually in rather than attending a hearing centre or clinic.


Widex delivers the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion hearing aid, easy to charge and streaming-ready. Widex Moment is an MFI hearing aid, which will enable you to connect by Bluetooth, effortlessly to your phone calls, messages, emails and numerous apps. It’s also accessible to Android users through an accessory and its prepared for future connections with Android.


You can also connect your Widex Moment hearing aids directly to your TV with the new TV PLAY. This accessory enhances your TV experience as while using TV PLAY, you can now balance the volume between TV with the ambient sounds and conversations, or just simply stream directly from TV only.

The Widex Moment App

With WIDEX MOMENT™ App, it’s simple to hear how you want to hear as you have the option to fine-tune your hearing aid. Widex have simplified and made it more intuitive to use this App comparing to previous ones, and have also added a dark mode appearance to ensure discretion. Widex Moment keeps the handy SoundSense Learn feature, which gives you the real-time machine learning guide towards a better, more personalised hearing experience. A few taps and you’ll determine how you hear in the moment.

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The WIDEX MOMENT™ app works with the both styles of mRIC R and RIC 312. All other models use the ToneLink App, which doesn’t feature the SoundSense Learn, but still allows you to adjust key functions such as volume, programs and change directional focus.

Widex Moment Review

With their latest launch, Widex has given us the smallest RIC rechargeable model available in the market, and the most advanced one yet. Tests also show that a large majority of both new and experienced users prefer the Widex PureSound program in WIDEX MOMENT across different sound scenarios; this seems to be due to the ultrafast ZeroDelay pathway on the WIDEX MOMENT platform.


Widex Moment has been designed to last longer too. Built with the best protection available, Widex Moment has a reduced risk of moisture damage, with an advanced water-resistance nano coating, durable microphones and smart engineering by a new mic inlet design, connector o-ring and wireless charging have been crafted to improve moisture resistance.