Tinnitus Treatment Fees

Service Description Cost
Tinnitus Assessment Full Tinnitus Assessment including Full Hearing Test, Pitch and Loudness Matching, Minimum Masking Level, Residual Inhibition, and Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) tests. £190
Tinearity Assessment All of the above, and also includes a Tinearity demonstration and/or other tinnitus device assessment, if more appropriate. £250
Tinearity G1 Start Kit It includes two sound generators, 1-month supply of adapters, a charger and a USB charging cable £2500
Tinearity G1 Adapers A 3-month supply of adapters £250
Sound Therapy 45mins programming of tinnitus sound therapy devices in preparation for loan of said devices £95

Tinnitus Psychology Assessment

90-minute assessment and report (inclusive) delivered by The Liverpool Psychology Practice

Call directly 0151 528 5773


Tinnitus CBT Sessions

Tinnitus-targeted CBT therapy sessions delivered by The Liverpool Psychology Practice 0151 528 5773 £95
Medicolegal Reports Cost depends on the length/ difficulty of the requested report and findings. £100 -£500