What is Tinnitus?

"Tinnitus is the conscious awareness of a sound sensation in the ear or head; in the absence of an external sound source."


There are two main classifications of tinnitus:

  • Objective Tinnitus - the sound can be heard by someone else, (usually with the help of a stethoscope) as the sound is being created physically by the body. This sort of tinnitus is less common.
  • Subjective Tinnitus - only the individual affected can hear the sound- this is the most common type of tinnitus.

Approximately 10% of the UK adult population experience persistent tinnitus. Many people experience a ringing, hissing, buzzing or humming noise that can be either constant or intermittent. Tinnitus is a common phenomenon but not everyone who is aware of tinnitus actually ‘suffers’ from the symptom. For those who find their tinnitus distressing, the experience can be life-altering; with individuals struggling with sleep and concentration, as well as feeling stressed, irritable and isolated.


The good news is - tinnitus can be treated!


If you are suffering from tinnitus, contact us to find out what the Liverpool Hearing Centre can do for you, please call 0151 676 9608.

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