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Founded by Hans Demant in 1904, a man who devoted his time to finding a way to help his hearing-impaired wife lead a better life, Oticon has now dedicated over a century of developing hearing technology to allow people the opportunity to regain control of their lives.


Knowing that the world is becoming a much busier, noiser place, Oticon have extended their research to produce sophisticated models of hearing aids that make the very best of modern hearing technologies available.

What Oticon hearing aids can do

Oticon's BrainHearing™ technology in their hearing aids support the way the brain works and makes sense of sound, meaning that they can help with problems such as speech clarity, rather than just turning up the volume and overlooking the more intricate aspects that complete your hearing experience.


Oticon hearing aids contain many features which are used together to provide a richer, more realistic sound picture. OpenSound Navigator helps to preserve speech and reduce noise in complex environments, such as socialising at a restaurant. It scans the full 360° sound environment more than 100 times per second to identify noise and separate it from speech, then balancing these sounds so that levels of loud noise coming from specific directions are rapidly reduces whilst the clarity of speech is preserved.


This is complimented by Spatial Sound LX, which combines a number of technological features to allow you to locate, follow and shift focus to the speakers you want to hear by providing you with a more advanced spatial awareness to help identify where sound is coming from within the environment you're in.


Although tinnitus itself cannot be 'cured', wearing a hearing aid is one of the ways in which you can reduce the impact it has on your life. Oticon hearing aids such as the Opn or Alta2 contain Tinnitus SoundSupport, a feature which helps you to take control of your tinnitus by playing a wide range of relief sounds like white noise. With Oticon Opn, the Oticon ON App [available for iPhone and Android smartphones] can be used to discretely control these sounds in your hearing aids to help give you the relief you need wherever you need it.

Taking the first step

Once you have realised that you may be experiencing some issues with your hearing, such as constantly straining to hear exactly what's being said in conversations, the best action you can take is to take that first daunting step and book a hearing test with one of our professional audiologists. They will take time to assess your individual hearing and show you a demo of how a hearing aid can open up your world.

Train your BRain

Hearing is a complex system, from the moment sounds enters your outer ear to when it is registered and recognised in our brain. Hearing aids can take time to adjust to and become familiar with the sounds you are not used to hearing. With the ongoing help and guidance from one of our audiologists, it won't take long before you will be wearing your hearing devices comfortably all day.


With Oticon's BrainHearing™, there is a lot less effort when it comes to listening. It recognises and preserves the important details in speech so that your brain no longer strains to fill in the gaps in everyday conversations, allowing you to have the clearest hearing experience wherever you are as it automatically adapts to whatever location you are in.

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Interested in finding out more?

Whether you are noticing some issues with your hearing for the first time, or if you already have hearing aids and are thinking about upgrading to a newer model, feel free to book in for a free consultation with one of our audiologists to give their expert opinion on any hearing loss or hearing difficulties that you have experienced.