Liverpool Hearing Centre Team

1st Class and Masters level graduates help make up our exceptional team to ensure you get the best hearing possible. Why settle for less?

Liverpool Audiologist

Iram Darr BSc (Hons) MSHAA RHAD


Founder - Audiologist Iram obtained a first class honours degree in Audiology from the University of Bristol and has since gained extensive experience working within NHS and private hospitals, as well as more than five years experience within the private hearing aid sector. Iram has gained experience from across the UK, assessing, diagnosing and treating thousands of people suffering from varying types of hearing, tinnitus and balance disorders.

Liverpool Audiologist

Paul Nand BA (Hons) MSHAA RHAD


Founder - Audiologist Paul started in audiology in 2003 by qualifying with Amplivox under the HAC. Previous to that he managed award winning bars, gastros and nightclubs in Manchester, Leeds and London and also set up a sponsorship, promotions and events company. This background in hospitality gave Paul a clear understanding of why quality service, and high standards, are essential to any business. He develops training courses for other audiologists to help them expand their scope of practice.