Revolutionising Hearing: Discover the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX Experience

Exploring the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX, a Revolution in Hearing Aid Technology

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Liverpool Hearing Centre provides a unique combination of clinic and remote services that perfectly complement the advanced features of Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids. This hybrid care model ensures that you receive individualised support wherever you are, making the most of Signia's cutting-edge technologies.


The Pure IX, introduced by Widex in 2023, marks a substantial advancement in hearing aid technology, providing users with unrivalled sound quality, convenience, and connectivity. By selecting these hearing aids, you are improving not only your hearing but also your quality of life. Whether you're in a quiet library or a busy restaurant, the Pure Charge&Go IX keeps you involved in the conversation.


Liverpool Hearing Centre's considerable knowledge of Signia products, combined with the flexibility of remote changes via Signia Assistant and the Signia app, guarantees that you'll receive optimal hearing aid performance and convenience. The addition of remote care expands access to our support, making it easier for users to manage their hearing aids and alter settings to their preferences, resulting in a more seamless hearing care experience.

At Liverpool Hearing Centre, Liverpool's No. 1 hearing centre, we provide hearing aids in clinic and online and you always get the assurance of excellent service from real audiologists by ordering from a highly-rated independent hearing centre. LHC Online gives you the flexibility to receive our service however you want it, either in our hearing centre or remotely from anywhere in the world. You can save money too by opting for our streamlined Essential Plan with a PAYG service, which is only available in our online store.

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Key Takeaways
Discover the advanced technology behind the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids.
Learn how these hearing aids enhance everyday hearing experiences with their innovative features.
Understand the convenience of their charging options and the lifestyle benefits they offer.
Find out how to get personalised hearing solutions through Liverpool Hearing Centre's online services.

Why the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX is a game changer.

The Signia Pure Charge&Go IX is more than just a hearing aid; it's a powerhouse loaded with capabilities that will make your life easier and more pleasurable. Let's break down the components that distinguish it:

  • The Pure Charge&Go IX features Signia's advanced Integrated Xperience technology. This revolutionary feature intelligently assesses your acoustic environment, allowing you to focus on conversation while also enjoying the natural noises around you. What was the result? An immersive, crisp, and balanced listening experience.

  • Convenient rechargeable design eliminates the need for small batteries. The Pure Charge&Go IX is a lithium-ion rechargeable solution that streamlines your routine. A simple charge provides a full day of hearing, including streaming, so you're always ready to go.

  • Streamlined Connectivity: These hearing aids easily link to your smartphone, television, and other devices, allowing you to hear music, phone calls, and TV shows straight in your ears. This seamless connectivity demonstrates Signia's commitment to bringing hearing aids into the digital age.

  • Signia's OVP™ technology optimises the sound of your own speech, resulting in a more natural hearing experience and higher satisfaction with your hearing aids. This leads to more comfortable interactions and a more delightful listening experience.

Enhance Your Lifestyle with the Pure Charge&Go IX

The Pure Charge&Go IX's benefits go beyond technical characteristics; they're meant to blend effortlessly into your lifestyle.


• The sleek and small design of these hearing aids provides both secrecy and comfort. They're so light and comfortable that you could forget you're wearing them.

• Liverpool Hearing Centre's online services offer individualised hearing solutions to meet your specific needs. Their skilled team is ready to provide you with a personalised experience, ensuring that your hearing aids are the best fit for your lifestyle.

• Ease of Use: The Pure Charge&Go IX's straightforward design allows for less time altering settings and more time to enjoy life. With simple charging options and settings, it's never been easier to manage your hearing health.

Make the Most of Your Hearing: The Lifestyle Advantages of Signia Pure Charge&Go IX

Signia Pure Charge&Go IX for Modern Lifestyles

The Signia Pure Charge&Go IX is more than just a hearing aid; it's a lifestyle enhancement. In today's fast-paced world, the ability to stay connected and enjoy life's moments without interruption is vital. Here's how the Pure Charge&Go IX meets the demands and desires of modern users:


• On-the-go Charging: Our hectic lifestyle necessitates the use of devices capable of keeping up. The Pure Charge&Go IX has a portable charging case, ensuring that your hearing aids are ready whenever you are. Whether you're travelling, working, or simply out for the day, you can recharge your hearing aids on the go, giving you more freedom and flexibility.

• Effective integration with digital devices: In today's digital age, the ability to link directly to smartphones, televisions, and other devices improves not only the usability of hearing aids but also the quality of life. The Pure Charge&Go IX's Bluetooth connectivity enables direct streaming of phone calls, music, and TV audio, ensuring that you are always part of the digital discussion.

• Customisable Hearing Experience: The Signia App allows users to alter settings, manage streaming options, and receive remote support from hearing professionals. This level of control allows users to adjust their hearing experience to their surroundings, whether it's a peaceful evening at home or a noisy night out with friends.

The Effect of Advanced Features on Daily Life.

The technology built within the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX has concrete advantages that effect everyday interactions and experiences:


• Advanced processing technology ensures clear, authentic sound in diverse situations. This includes being able to participate in conversations more confidently, enjoy music with greater depth, and interact with the environment around you in a seamless and natural manner.

• Hear what matters. Users can focus on conversations without distraction from background noise thanks to features that enhance speech understanding while controlling ambient noise. This is especially useful in social situations, where the capacity to engage and interact can significantly improve one's quality of life.

• Comfortable and Invisible Design: The Pure Charge&Go IX's inconspicuous design allows it to be worn comfortably all day, every day, without drawing notice. This encourages constant use, which is critical to reaping the full benefits of hearing aids.

Choosing the best hearing solution is an important step towards maintaining not just your auditory health but also your overall well-being. Liverpool Hearing Centre is committed to assisting you throughout this journey. By providing individualised consultations and tailored hearing solutions, they ensure that your hearing aids not only improve your hearing but also improve your quality of life.


For individuals ready to take the next step in their hearing health journey, contacting Liverpool Hearing Centre is a step towards a brighter, more connected future. With expert advice and support, you may discover how the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX can help you live life to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions about Signia Pure Charge&Go IX Hearing Aids

What are the key features of the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids?

The Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids are designed with state-of-the-art technology, offering superior sound quality, Bluetooth connectivity for streaming, and a rechargeable battery for convenience. They feature Signia's Xperience platform, providing a natural listening experience with advanced speech understanding in noise, and they adapt to every movement, ensuring that the wearer hears what is important. Additionally, these hearing aids are equipped with an Own Voice Processing (OVP) system, which enhances the wearer's voice for a more natural experience.

How long does the battery last on a single charge?

The battery of the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX can last up to a full day (approximately 24 hours) on a single charge, including several hours of streaming audio from smartphones or TVs. The exact battery life can vary based on usage patterns and streaming behavior.

Can I stream audio directly from my smartphone or TV to the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids?

Yes, the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids offer direct streaming from iOS devices and certain Android devices, as well as from other Bluetooth-enabled devices like TVs and music players, through additional accessories. This allows for a seamless audio experience directly into your hearing aids.

Are the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids water-resistant?

While the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids are built to be durable and resistant to moisture and dust, they are not fully waterproof. They are rated with an IP68, meaning they can withstand moisture and particles but should not be submerged in water or exposed to heavy rain.

How do I maintain and clean my Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids?

To maintain your hearing aids, it's recommended to clean them daily with a dry, soft cloth and check the microphone ports and receiver for any wax buildup. Use a cleaning tool or brush specifically designed for hearing aids to gently remove any debris. Additionally, ensure the charging contacts are clean for optimal charging. It's also advisable to have them professionally cleaned and checked by a hearing care professional periodically.

Is there an app to control the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids?

Yes, the Signia App is available for both iOS and Android devices, allowing users to control their hearing aids directly from their smartphone. This app provides access to various features, including volume control, program settings, and sound environments. It also offers a "TeleCare" feature that enables remote support and fine-tuning by a hearing care professional.

What warranty and support options are available for the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids?

Signia offers a warranty for the Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids, which typically covers manufacturing defects and repairs for a specified period after purchase. The exact terms can vary, so it's important to check with your provider. Additionally, Signia provides customer support through its website, with resources including user guides, FAQs, and contact information for further assistance.

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