Our refund & returns policy

30-Day Return Policy General Rules

The 30-day trial for Liverpool Hearing Centre devices starts from the tracked delivery date or fitting date in the hearing centre. Returns must be mailed or delivered within 30 days from this date and only apply to hearing aids, accessories, and chargers. Returns are invalid if the device is modified, damaged, has an altered serial number, or has undergone unauthorised repairs. In such cases, a full refund is not guaranteed. Promotions are void if the device is returned, and any promotional gifts must also be returned for a valid refund within the 30-day period.

Return Policy based on Medical Opinion

You can cancel your hearing aid purchase and receive a full refund within one year of purchase if a qualified ENT, otolaryngologist, audiologist, or general physician diagnoses you, after purchasing, with either a hearing impairment that doesn't benefit from a hearing aid or a medical condition that contraindicates its use. This is applicable to online sales only if there's no improvement in your hearing quality due to these conditions.

Loss or Damage During the 30-day Right to Return Period

During the 30-day return period, if any hearing devices or a charger are lost or damaged, they cannot be returned for a refund, regardless of medical reasons. A refund is only possible if all original components are returned within this 30-day timeframe.

refund policy for hearing aids bought In Store

  • You may post a product or deliver in person to make a return. It can take up to 14 days of your returning the item(s) to receive your refund as it can take up to 5 days for the bank to transfer the funds to you.
  • Please return the used, unused or faulty product to us within 30 days of being fitted with your hearing aids regardless of any trial period.
  • Once returned, we’ll refund the person who originally placed and paid for the hearing aids. Items not received, missing or faulty must be reported within 30 days of receiving hearing aids.

Are there any other products that can't be returned?

No. We can offer refunds and exchanges on all hearing aids, accessories and unopened consumables

Where do I send my return?

Don’t worry; the return address is automatically added to the prepaid return label (for UK online customers) provided by our shipping partner. Non-EU clients can return their items here:



Liverpool Hearing Centre

78 Rodney Street


L1 9AR


  • We’ll process your return within 14 days of receiving it, and you’ll receive your refund through your original method of payment.
  • If your order hasn't been dispatched yet, we will process the refund within 3 days, but it may still take an additional 5 days for the bank to transfer the funds to you.
  • Items not received, missing, or faulty must be reported within 30 days of placing your order.

Where should I send my hearing device for repair?

We'll give you all the information after you've completed a simple form.