Earwax Check-ups Before Travel

The Importance of Pre-Travel Ear Wax Check-ups for a Hassle-Free Vacation

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Liverpool Hearing Centre aims to keep you as informed about all things hearing as much as we are. People regularly come to see us before they go away, as they know how a blocked ear or ears can quickly ruin a summer holiday.


Planning for an upcoming holiday involves more than just picking your destination and packing your bags. One crucial step you may be forgetting is your pre-travel ear wax check-up. Why is it so important, you might ask? Well, let's dive into it.

Pre-Travel Ear Wax Check-up? Yes, it's essential!

For most of us, holidays equate to beach-side relaxation, outdoor activities, and swimming, lots of swimming! But these fun activities can take a sour turn if you're grappling with ear problems. And this is where Liverpool Hearing Centre, our team of ear care professionals, steps in.

"A pre-travel check-up can identify and address any potential ear problems before they hamper your vacation," says Hannah Bryant, a registered audiologist with Liverpool Hearing Centre.

Let's address a few key points here:

  • The issue with ear wax blockage: It's not just swimming that can exacerbate ear wax blockage; even the pressure changes experienced during your flight can worsen it. An expert ear examination can help identify such issues before you embark on your trip.

  • Avoid DIY Devices: Don't attempt to deal with ear wax problems yourself with self-treatment tools or at-home gadgets. It can cause more harm than good.

  • The safe way out: Leave it to the experts. Using a cotton wool bud, for instance, might seem harmless, but it can push the wax further into your ear. Trust the professionals at Liverpool Hearing Centre, and let us take care of your ear health.

Learn From Angus's Story

"After spending a significant amount of time swimming, I lost hearing in my left ear due to a complete blockage. The feeling of imbalance was disorientating," recalls Angus, a 51-year-old holidaymaker.

This was the moment when Angus realised the importance of a pre-travel ear wax check-up. Let's break down what we can learn from his story:

  1. Ear blockage and swimming: Extended water activities can lead to ear blockage, disrupting your holiday plans.

  2. Impact of ear problems: Ignoring such problems can result in a loss of hearing and a sense of imbalance.

  3. Seeking professional help: Quick professional assistance can save your holiday from turning into a nightmare. Angus's blockage was cleared swiftly by a local doctor, allowing her to continue enjoying her vacation.

  4. Prevention is key: Angus now understands the importance of an ear check-up before travelling. This simple step can help prevent the recurrence of such distressing situations.

Choose the Best - Choose Liverpool Hearing Centre

Liverpool Hearing Centre, led by audiologist and ear canal blockage specialist Lynsey Molyneux, stands apart in the field of aural care. Why should you trust us with your ear health?

  • Experience: With over 50 years of experience, our team of experts is committed to providing exceptional care for your ears.

  • Quality of service: We use hospital-grade microscopes and top-quality equipment. In case we are unable to remove all the wax during your initial appointment, we offer a follow-up appointment free of charge.

  • Convenience: With a beautiful location on Rodney Street in Liverpool City Centre's Georgian Quarter, we're always ready to assist you. Simply visit our website to learn more, or call 0151 676 9608 to book an appointment.

Remember, don't let ear problems dampen your vacation. Let Liverpool Hearing Centre ensure your journey is all about fun, relaxation, and beautiful memories. So book your appointment today and set sail for your journey with confidence and clarity of hearing.

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Author: Paul Nand

Paul is a registered hearing aid audiologist and proud co-founder of Liverpool Hearing Centre. With years of experience in the field and an innovative and committed approach to the audiology industry has also led him to co-founding The Hearing Lab Store, the UK's leading supplier of microsuction and audiology essentials.

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