Family-Owned Independent Hearing Care Centre In Liverpool

Liverpool Hearing Centre is owned by a husband-and-wife team of audiologists. They met while working for a large high street hearing care brand and decided that hearing care should be a far better experience.

Delivering Hearing Care Excellence

When my partner and I first established the Liverpool Hearing Centre, our vision was simple: to provide the public with a local, independent alternative to major high-street nationals, the very same ones we once worked for in the past.


We simply wanted to provide the very best hearing care available in Liverpool, which was delivered with high-quality service and even higher standards of care. By remaining independent, it means that we are not tied down to any specific hearing aid manufacturers, allowing us to remain completely impartial. This means that we offer you the latest hearing loss treatments, tailored to your individual hearing requirements and needs, without any restriction.

Paul Nand

Freedom to help you find the best hearing aids for you

Our independence means that we have total freedom to offer you the very best hearing aid solutions. It means that your choices are not limited and that you have the fullest access to the hearing aids that can make a real difference in your life. We don't operate a conveyor belt business; we believe that everyone is an individual, and we will give you the time you need.


We strongly believe that we are your hearing care partners, bringing you a wealth of hearing knowledge, experience, and wisdom gained through years of experience to direct you to your perfect hearing devices and assist you in your decision.

Iram Darr

Family owned hearing centre