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At Liverpool Hearing Centre, we specialise in providing expert independent audiological care with a modern twist, seamlessly integrating the convenience of remote programming for all types of modern hearing aids. Our team of expert audiologists is equipped with the latest technology and knowledge to ensure your hearing aids are perfectly tailored to your unique hearing needs, whether you're near or far.


With our advanced remote services, accessibility to top-notch hearing care has never been easier, making it simple for you to enjoy the full benefits of your hearing aids without the need to visit in person. Naturally, it's nice when you do! Our commitment to utilising cutting-edge technology alongside personalised care ensures that your hearing health is in the best hands.


Whether you're looking to optimise your current hearing aids or explore the latest advancements in hearing technology, Liverpool Hearing Centre is your go-to source for comprehensive, convenient, and expert audiological support. Discover how we can enhance your hearing experience and improve your quality of life with our specialised, flexible in-clinic and remote hearing aid services today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Liverpool Hearing Centre

What services does Liverpool Hearing Centre offer?

Liverpool Hearing Centre specialises in comprehensive audiological care including hearing aids fitting, tinnitus and balance expertise, microsuction earwax removal, and virtual home programming for hearing aids. They also provide comprehensive testing, a 30-day trial with money-back guarantee, lifetime aftercare, and a 5-year warranty on all hearing aids.

What types of hearing aids are available at Liverpool Hearing Centre?

The centre offers a wide range of hearing aids including digital, invisible, Bluetooth, and rechargeable hearing aids from leading brands such as Signia, GN Resound, Phonak, Starkey, Unitron, and Widex. We ensure the latest technology is available and tailored to individual needs.

How does Liverpool Hearing Centre approach tinnitus management?

Liverpool Hearing Centre employs a holistic and personalised approach to tinnitus management, using cutting-edge technology and detailed evaluations to craft custom treatment plans. This includes the use of advanced hearing aids and sound therapy devices tailored to alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus.

What earwax removal services are offered?

The centre provides quick, comfortable, and effective earwax removal using microsuction under a microscope, recognised as one of the safest methods. This service includes a comprehensive ear health examination, tympanometry, hearing screen tests, and detailed reports for continuity of care.

What aftercare services does Liverpool Hearing Centre provide?

We offer extensive aftercare services for all their hearing aids, including free regular check-ups, cleaning, and adjustments to ensure the hearing aids perform optimally. This commitment to aftercare is part of our approach to providing comprehensive hearing health support.

How does Liverpool Hearing Centre address balance disorders?

Liverpool Hearing Centre offers expert services for balance disorders, providing comprehensive testing and tailored treatments. Utilising the latest technology and methodologies, we specialise in diagnosing and treating various balance issues to improve patients' quality of life.

Are child hearing tests available at Liverpool Hearing Centre?

Yes, Liverpool Hearing Centre provides paediatric hearing assessments for children over 5. These tests are conducted by experienced audiologists who use child-friendly techniques to ensure accurate and comfortable hearing evaluations for young patients.

How should one select a hearing centre, and what role do local reviews play in this decision?

Selecting a hearing centre is a crucial decision that can significantly affect your auditory health and overall quality of life. One of the best ways to ensure you're making the right choice is by considering local reviews and testimonials from previous patients. These reviews can provide insights into the quality of care, customer service, and the effectiveness of the treatments offered by the centre. When reading reviews, look for comments on the professionalism of the staff, the comfort and cleanliness of the facility, the clarity of communication regarding treatment options and processes, and overall satisfaction with the results achieved. Positive reviews are a strong indicator of a reputable and reliable hearing centre that prioritises patient care and satisfaction. Additionally, personal recommendations from friends or family members who have experienced hearing care services can be invaluable. Their firsthand accounts of their experiences can help you gauge the level of service and support you can expect. Ultimately, choosing a hearing centre with a solid reputation, as evidenced by positive local reviews, ensures you're entrusting your hearing health to a dedicated and experienced team committed to providing the highest standard of care as you'll find at Liverpool Hearing Centre.

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Hearing care

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Service Prices

Service Price
General Ear Health Examination

Outer ear & middle ear video otoscopic examination, tympanometry for eardrum and middle ear function, hearing screen test, and GP report with photos sent to your health centre.

Full Hearing Assessment

Includes a General Ear Health Examination. Find out more.

Earwax Removal

Foreign body or earwax removal under ENT microscope includes outer ear & middle ear video otoscopic examination, tympanometry for eardrum and middle ear function, hearing screen test, and GP report with photos sent to your health centre.

Vestibular Assessment

Includes a medical & physical assessment, medications & supplements review, video otoscopy, hearing assessment, tympanogram, hints & voms oculomotor tests and potentially caloric test, dix-hallpike test, supine roll test, epley manoeuvre/gufoni manoeuvre, diet advice & exercise advice and any referral suggestions. Find out more.

Vestibular Follow-up

Additional vestibular manoeuvres and/or testing.

Full Tinnitus Assessment

Includes a Full Hearing Assessment and General Ear Health Examination. Find out more.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Sound therapy-based appointment using hearing aid tinnitus modules and general modified TRT.

Impression(s) 1 or 2 ears

Impressions taken and includes any necessary earwax removal

Audiogram for Medical Purposes

Hearing Test with a short standard report

Child's Hearing Test

Includes tympanometry, play audiometry (where necessary), speech audiometry and pure tone audiometry. Find out more.

Out-of-Warranty Repair Per Ear

Hearing aid reception drop off and collection. Sent for professional repair and includes all parts.

Hearing Aid Reprogramming 1 or 2 Ears

Remote or clinic-based reprogramming of one or a pair of hearing aids. Hearing Test is not included.

Impression & Mould Replacement Per Ear

Replacement mould and fitting for BTE hearing aid. Includes impressions and price is per mould.

Professional Report

Cost depends on length and difficulty of requested report

Any Hearing Aid Setup 1 or 2 Ears

General Ear Health Examination, Full Hearing Assessment, & Hearing Aid Reprogramming for 1 or 2 Ears


General Ear Health Examination & Hearing Aid Check


All hearing aids from Liverpool Hearing Centre include:


Comprehensive Testing & Fitting

30-Day Trial / Money Back Guarantee

Lifetime Aftercare

5-year warranty

We have written our guide to buying hearing aids online unbiasedly and with the genuine intent to help and inform. Naturally, we hope that it becomes obvious to you that Liverpool Hearing Centre is the best place to get your hearing aids.


You'll also receive a quality newsletter from Liverpool Hearing Centre, delivered to you via email about once a month. We promise to send well-written, in-depth reviews and opinions that are non-biased and based on real-world experiences with our clients.


Liverpool Hearing Centre is proudly independent, which means we have no financial ties to any manufacturers, which allows us to guide you to the products that are best for you.


We believe our hearing aid clients should be as informed as we are.

“Indeed, one of the highest pleasures is to be more or less unconscious of one’s own existence, to be absorbed in interesting sights, sounds, places, and people. Conversely, one of the greatest pains is to be self-conscious, to feel unabsorbed and cut off from the community and the surrounding world.” Alan Watts

Virtual Home Programming

New full live remote tuning. Fine-tune your hearing and/or tinnitus devices in the real-life situations for which they are intended.

The Hearing care Professional In Your Pocket

Give immediate feedback

Receive guided assistance to solve problems on the spot

Tutorial videos and explanations

Your hearing health is vital to living life to its fullest

At Liverpool Hearing Centre, it is our philosophy to provide better hearing with an unawareness of assistance. Sound, comfort and aesthetics are our priorities. 

Certified Lyric centre For Lancashire & Merseyside

100% Invisible

Clear, natural sound

No daily hassles

No batteries to change

Great for tinnitus as they are worn day & night

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