Your journey begins with Our Full Tinnitus Assessment

At Liverpool Hearing Centre, we are aware of the significant positive effects that receiving the appropriate care can have on a person's quality of life. In conjunction with The Liverpool Psychology Practice, we've created a novel two-pronged tinnitus therapy program.

Our treatment program is based on these three simple principles:


1. The only people who are both trained in tinnitus and familiar enough with the tinnitus modules found in today's hearing aids to properly program them to provide effective sound therapy are audiologists.


2. Psychotherapists are generally the best people to administer cognitive behavioural therapy.


3. Collaboration and communication between the two fields is essential for developing the most successful individualised tinnitus treatment strategy.

A Full Tinnitus Assessment is the first step at Liverpool Hearing Centre and can be scheduled here. This will help us evaluate your hearing and tinnitus and determine the best course of action for your care. From this, we can determine whether psychological treatment, sound therapy, or a combination of both is most appropriate. In most cases, both forms of treatment are the most efficient for achieving the fastest positive results.


There are many types of sound therapy that can be delivered by multiple hearing aid manufacturers, and we have them all at Liverpool Hearing Centre. Finding the most effective treatment is a process, so we lend you what we think will be the most effective based on your personal consultations. We might try numerous approaches until we are satisfied that we've found the most effective sound therapy solution.



At the same time, you can start reprograming your reaction to your tinnitus via the tinnitus specific cognitive behavioural therapy appointments. As soon as you book, we will share your information with and only with The Liverpool Psychology Practice, unless you tell us otherwise. These can be held virtually or in-person.

Your Full Tinnitus Assessment will include the following:

  1. In-depth investigation of your medical history - to determine existing medical conditions
  2. Tinnitus Combined Intake Form - to understand the physical, emotional and social consequences of tinnitus
  3. Tinnitus Functional Index - to determine the severity and negative impact of tinnitus
  4. Video Otoscopy - to determine the health of the outer ear and eardrum
  5. Pure Tone Audiometry - full hearing assessment to establish hearing thresholds
  6. Uncomfortable Loudness Levels - to determine sound tolerance levels
  7. Tinnitus Pitch Matching - to determine your suitability for specific tinnitus treatments
  8. Tinnitus Loudness Matching - to determine perceived tinnitus intensity
  9. Tinnitus Minimum Masking Level - to determine likely success of tinnitus noise therapy treatments
  10. Explanation of test results - to enable you to understand your condition
  11. Treatment discussion- formulation of your treatment program.
Tinnitus Assessment

Whether you have been recently diagnosed with tinnitus or have lived with the condition for years, Liverpool Hearing Centre and The Liverpool Psychology Practice can provide you with expert advice based on the latest developments in tinnitus research.


Take your first step towards understanding and treating your tinnitus.