Ordering Instructions

  1. Remote Delivery and Fitting: Upload an online hearing test result or a clinical audiogram for free if you are getting your hearing aids delivered and fitted remotely.
  2. For face-to-face appointments: Order online in advance to ensure your hearing aids are ready to fit at your full hearing assessment at Liverpool Hearing Centre.
  3. Pricing and Trial Period: The hearing assessment at Liverpool Hearing Centre is included in the Platinum Plan and charged at the standard rate in the Essential Plan. Your 30-day trial begins when you receive the hearing aids.

While we offer the convenience of purchasing hearing aids online at Liverpool Hearing Centre, we warmly welcome you to visit our hearing centre for the ultimate personalised experience. You can easily book a hearing test with us, where our experts will guide you through the process, ensuring you receive the best solution for your hearing needs.


In our hearing centre, you'll find an extensive selection of the latest hearing aids and accessories, allowing you to explore, experience, and choose the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Our friendly team is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive support, from the initial hearing assessment to the final selection of your hearing aids. Call us to experience our commitment to your hearing health firsthand.

Plan Comparison

Feature Platinum Plan Essential Plan
Warranty 4/5* years 2 years
Programming Included Included
Fine-tuning Included Included x1
Aftercare* Lifetime PAYG
Service & Clean
Included £100**
Hearing Tests Included £100**
Reprogramming Included £100**
Appointments Clinic/Virtual Clinic/Virtual
Other Services Clinic rates Clinic rates
Apple/Android App Included Included
Cleaning Kit Included Included
Charger Included Included
* includes hearing tests, service & cleans, reprogramming.
**subject to change