Signia Notch Therapy

Tune out your tinnitus with lasting relief

Signia is a leading manufacturer and innovator of hearing aids and their philosophy revolves around improving the quality of life for people with hearing difficulties and tinnitus.


Static noise tinnitus therapy signals and ocean wave tinnitus therapy signals are now complemented by Notch Therapy. Signia hearing aids are the only ones with in-built Notch Therapy, which can reduce the effects of tinnitus and may even make it disappear completely.*


 * Powers, L., dos Santos, G.M., & Jons, C. (2016, September). Notch Therapy: A new approach to tinnitus treatment. AudiologyOnline, Article 18365.


The static noise and ocean wave therapy are designed to subliminally  divert attention away from the tinnitus and thereby reduce its impact. As a result, you can relax and concentrate on what you want to hear. This reduction in stress will allow the notch therapy to get to work.


Tinnitus can be grouped into tonal and non-tonal tinnitus. Tonal tinnitus is more common and describes the perception of a continuous sound or overlapping sounds with a well-defined frequency or pitch such as whistling, ringing, or buzzing. Non-tonal forms of tinnitus include humming, clicking, crackling and rumbling and cannot be treated with notch therapy.

Freedom from tinnitus

Tinnitus notch therapy is designed to work with people who have a hearing loss and tonal tinnitus. It can work inaudibly on its own without the need for the static noise or the ocean wave therapy if that's your preference. 

Signia Notch Therapy
A Novel Approach Clinically Proven to Reduce the Perception of Tonal Tinnitus
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