We like to keep you up to date on new hearing aid technology at Liverpool Hearing Centre, and today we're talking about Widex PureSound which is one of the features at the core of the Widex Moment Sheer hearing aids.


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Man from behind wearing Widex Moment Sheer hearing aid


Hearing perfection is felt, not measured. That's why your initial encounter with a new hearing aid, whether you're a first-time user or not, is crucial. The right hearing solution from Liverpool Hearing Centre will reconnect you to your life with a natural sound that will astound you from the start.


Widex PureSound powers the new Widex Moment Sheer sophisticated hearing aids but what is Widex PureSound?

Widex Moment Sheer hearing aids overcome the weak, artificial sound of other hearing aids to provide unmatched clarity. A ZeroDelay sound processor makes this feasible. ZeroDelay reduces delay-based distortion for PureSound.


Widex sound comes from unmatched spatial perception. PureSound is appealing to people who use hearing aids because it has a rich, wide sound and a natural sense of space. 95% of PureSound wearers say they hear sounds precisely where they expect them.


Natural sounds reveal your location, your discussion partner's position, the room's acoustics, and more. Consider a luxury hotel stay. The echo in the hotel lobby complements its grandeur, making it feel uplifting and welcoming. The quieter bar is ideal for discreet chats.


Room reflections cause this disparity. This refers to how room surfaces reflect sound and how quickly it reaches the listener. PureSound's ultralow latency gives room reflections a more authentic tone. The hotel lobby sounds as lively as it looks, but the bar later that evening sounds as calm as your mood.


Research shows that people who use hearing aids like the way Widex PureSound sounds better than other hearing aids. PureSound outperformed standard-delay hearing aids in a recent trial for room location discrimination. In another study, 85% of hearing-impaired and 100% of normal-hearing subjects preferred PureSound for the complete sound experience, including speech comprehension in varied noises. PureSound's naturalness and ability to pinpoint sounds make it a better hearing aid for noisy surroundings.



Contact Liverpool Hearing Centre for a comprehensive hearing test and a demonstration of the Widex PureSound's benefits.