The 6 Amazing NEW features of Widex Moment Sheer Hearing Aids

We like to keep you up to date on new hearing aid technology at Liverpool Hearing Centre, and today we're talking Sheer Perfection, at least according to Widex. This article will go over Widex's recent launch of the Widex Moment Sheer hearing aids.


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Man from behind wearing Widex Moment Sheer hearing aid

Widex released their Moment receiver-in-canal hearing aids just over two years ago. So, what exactly is the Widex Sheer? We'll call this less of a launch and more of a gentle introduction to some Widex Moment Family tweaks, of which there are six in total, which we'll share with you now.


For starters, they're releasing the Moment SRIC, a new S Receiver-in-Canal hearing aid. This hearing aid will replace the Widex MRIC, which has been on the market for about two years. And as for the insides of this hearing aid, it's the same Widex Moment you're used to, with rechargeability, pure sound technology, direct stream from iOS and Android devices, integrated AI, and so on.


As far as we know, there has been no significant change in performance. However, there are some physical changes with this hearing aid that positively affect performance. They've redesigned the casing, with the main design change being the microphone ports, which Widex claims create a sound like no other hearing aid, with extra cushioning beneath the microphone grid.


The charger for these new hearing aids is Widex's second innovation today, so along with the new Widex Moment SRIC, there is a new SRIC charger. They improved it by removing the lid, adding a smart stainless steel trim, and making it a little heavier, giving it a more solid quality feel than the previous charger.


Widex was the first to incorporate artificial intelligence into their hearing aids, and like Signia, it involves you, the hearing aid user, in determining the best hearing aid settings for you. My Sound 2.0 provides you with two hearing aid settings options, and you simply have to choose which is best for you in that situation. It lets you try each option before you have to choose.


This gradual evolution of the settings teaches the hearing aids to automatically adjust to your preferences when you are in similar environments in the future. Widex now boasts that these A / B comparisons have been updated to include compression preferences as well, resulting in over ten times more comparisons than the original My Sound in the previous version of this technology.


Widex Sheer update number four is that they have redesigned the TV Play, which is their TV streamer that, when plugged into the TV, streams the sound directly to both of your hearing aids. As far as we know, there has been no advancement in terms of sound quality, but it looks so much better.


The penultimate advancement is that Widex has released three new styles of Eartip for the end of your hearing aids. The open round dome, sleeve power, and sleeve vented. We are usually quite picky about who we fit with them because they can be a little more prone to feedback (whistling) than other hearing aid manufacturers. At the end of the day, stronger feedback management systems degrade the natural sound quality.


While we respect and understand the theory, it limits the number of patients we can fit with Widex Hearing Aids, so it's great news that Widex has developed these tips with varying amounts of venting on them to create different levels of seal that, fingers crossed, should help with controlling feedback, and we look forward to fitting more patients with Widex Hearing Aids.


The new SoundRelax feature is the final addition to the Widex Family expansion. These are sounds that appear alongside Widex's Zen settings and include eight new sounds that use Widex's fractal tones, which are a type of tinnitus sound enrichment therapy that is very unique to Widex. With SoundRelax, Widex hopes to expand the use of this feature from the Zen tones, which are primarily aimed at those with tinnitus, to these new SoundRelax fractal tones, which can be used by anyone with a Widex Hearing Aid in order to create peace and harmony. The new sounds include relaxing tones and nature sounds, and are intended to provide both relaxation and acoustic stimulation. They're a little softer than the existing Zen tones and provide better synchronisation between your ears than the old Widex Zen Tones.


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