Starkey Wins 2024 Excellence in Customer Service Award

Starkey & Liverpool Hearing Centre Are Committed To Excellence

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Starkey, a principal supplier for Liverpool Hearing Centre, has recently secured the 2024 Excellence in Customer Service Award. This accolade not only highlights Starkey's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction but also directly boosts our capacity to serve our clients effectively. Our association with such prestigious suppliers is vital to our success, enabling us to offer cutting-edge and highly effective hearing solutions.

Exploring Hearing Aid Innovations: Starkey Genesis Ai and Signature Series


Starkey's Genesis Ai hearing aids represent a significant advancement in hearing technology. These devices utilise sophisticated artificial intelligence to enhance the listening experience. They automatically adjust to the user's environment to optimise sound quality and speech clarity, thereby improving daily communication.

Highlight Details
Starkey Award Starkey earns the 2024 Excellence in Customer Service Award, demonstrating its dedication to quality and service.
Genesis Ai Hearing Aids Integrates advanced AI for enhanced sound quality and user experience.
Signature Series Adds advanced noise management and superior wireless streaming.
Impact on Liverpool Hearing Centre Strengthens our ability to provide top-tier products and support, influenced by Starkey's commitment to excellence.

Starkey President and CEO Brandon Sawalich.

“Our customers are our partners in helping people around the world hear better, so they can live better lives,” says Starkey President and CEO Brandon Sawalich.

Starkey Signature Series Quick Guide

Starkey has introduced its Signature Series of custom hearing aids, including rechargeable and non-rechargeable completely-in-canal (CIC) models, along with other enhancements to its Genesis AI line, aiming to provide discreet and advanced hearing solutions.



  • Starkey's Signature Series of custom hearing aids, features the world’s smallest rechargeable CIC hearing aid, a non-rechargeable CIC model, and an invisible-in-canal (IIC) model.
  • The Signature Series utilises Starkey’s Neuro Sound technology, offering transparent sound, premium noise reduction, wind and machine adaptations, music enhancement, and feedback cancellation.
  • These hearing aids are IP68+ rated for protection from moisture and debris, available in various faceplate colours and receiver types.
  • Starkey aims for the Signature Series to establish itself as the premier choice for discreet custom hearing aids.
  • Genesis AI, Starkey's flagship line, receives enhancements including automatic Edge Mode+ and motion-based optimisation for improved situational awareness and reduced feedback.
  • The Genesis AI features the Starkey Neuro Processor for fast and efficient operation, making 80 million automatic adjustments per hour.
  • According to CEO Brandon Sawalich, Starkey remains dedicated to providing user-friendly, practical, and patient-driven hearing products.

The Importance of Hearing Centre Selection

Choosing independent suppliers like Starkey is crucial to our strategy at Liverpool Hearing Centre. It ensures that we provide the most advanced and appropriate products available, while also adapting swiftly to our clients' changing needs. This flexibility and dedication to quality distinguish us in the competitive field of hearing care.


Our partnership with award-winning suppliers like Starkey guarantees that we have the necessary support to address client needs effectively and promptly. For more insights on how other manufacturers we have chosen as our current partners help improve our service delivery, visit our blog.


Enhancing Client Support through Technological Advances

Liverpool Hearing Centre's commitment to excellence is reflected in our choice of suppliers, such as Starkey, whose recent accolades and innovations in hearing technology significantly enhance the services we offer. Through our strategic supplier selections, we ensure access to the latest advancements in hearing aid technology, thereby improving our ability to cater to the diverse needs of our clients.


Starkey’s Technological Edge: Genesis Ai and Signature Series

The introduction of Starkey’s Genesis Ai and Signature Series hearing aids marks a pivotal development in auditory assistance technology. These products incorporate advanced AI, optimising sound quality and user interaction. Their innovative features, such as enhanced noise management and seamless wireless streaming, support superior auditory clarity in various environments. Such technological sophistication ensures our clients receive the most refined hearing aid solutions available.


Strategic Supplier Relationships: A Key to Enhanced Service

Our partnership with Starkey not only brings state-of-the-art products to our portfolio but also strengthens our service capability. This relationship ensures we remain at the forefront of technological integration in hearing solutions, offering our clients unparalleled service. If you have any questions about any manufacturer or their hearing aids, please feel free to contact us here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Starkey Signature Series Hearing Aids

What are the main features of Starkey Signature Series Hearing Aids?

Starkey Signature Series hearing aids are renowned for their custom fit, advanced Neuro Sound Technology, and discreet design. They are available in Completely-In-Canal and Invisible-In-Canal styles, featuring long battery life and waterproof capabilities, making them adaptable to various user needs.

How does the custom fit process enhance the user experience?

The custom fit process involves moulding the hearing aids to precisely match the ear anatomy of the individual user. This bespoke fitting ensures optimal comfort and effectiveness, catering specifically to the wearer’s hearing and lifestyle requirements.

What specific technologies are integrated into the Starkey Signature Series for enhanced hearing?

The Starkey Signature Series incorporates Neuro Sound Technology, which delivers clear and natural sound quality. The series also includes features like advanced noise management, superior wireless streaming, and tinnitus relief options to cater to diverse hearing needs.

What accolades has Starkey received for their customer service and products?

Starkey has earned the 2024 Excellence in Customer Service Award, reflecting their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, thereby enhancing their reputation as a leading provider of hearing solutions.

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