Starkey Genesis AI vs. Signature Series

The Subtle Differences Between Starkey Genesis AI and the Signature Series

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Discover the distinctive features of Starkey's Genesis AI and Signature Series.
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Explore the technological advancements that set each series apart.

Starkey, a principal supplier for Liverpool Hearing Centre, has recently created the Signature Series, an upgrade to the regular Genesis AI platform but only for the CICs and IICs. The Genesis AI already has the world's most powerful chip in a hearing aid; it's the most waterproof hearing aid on the market in rechargeable form and it also has the longest battery life. Starkey has also secured the 2024 Excellence in Customer Service Award. They really seem to be on top of their game at the moment. Our association with such prestigious suppliers is vital to our own success at Liverpool Hearing Centre. However, the differences between the standard Genesis AI and the Genesis AI Signature Series may not be easy for a lay person to follow so here, we try to break it down for you.

Genesis AI: A Leap into Advanced Hearing Technology


The Genesis AI line represents the pinnacle of hearing aid technology with its robust AI-driven features. It's designed for users who need dynamic sound adjustments in various environments. This line is known for:

  • Edge Mode+ Technology: Automatically adapts to changing acoustic environments to provide optimal hearing.
  • Motion Sensor Hearing: Tailors sound settings based on the user's movement, enhancing clarity and focus.
  • AI Health Tracking: Integrates wellness monitoring, including heart rate, steps, and more, making it a multifunctional device for health-conscious users.

For more on Genesis AI, explore our detailed guide on the Starkey Genesis AI.

Signature Series: Customised Comfort and Stealth


In contrast, the Signature Series is perfect for those prioritising invisibility and comfort without sacrificing sound quality. It features:

  • Custom-fit Models: Available in Completely-in-Canal (CIC) and Invisible-in-Canal (IIC) styles that are virtually undetectable.
  • Non-wireless Design: Focuses on simplicity and efficiency without the need for wireless connectivity.
  • Rechargeable Options: Includes the world's smallest rechargeable CIC, offering convenience without frequent battery changes.

If you are interested in more discreet hearing solutions, check out our comprehensive review on the Starkey Signature Series.

The 3 Available Signature Series Styles

The world’s smallest custom rechargeable hearing aid is also waterproof and has up to a 38-hour battery life.

Not everyone wants rechargeable, but everyone wants a small device with amazing sound and now you’ve got the best.

Nobody does invisible like Starkey. And no smallest-of-small hearing aid performs better than Signature Series IIC.

Choosing Between Genesis AI and Signature Series


Below are the main differences:

  • Starkey non-wireless hearing aids don't have Bluetooth or any other way of connecting to your phone for adjustments, health apps, etc. However, the CICs in the Signature Series do have push buttons.
  • Size 10 battery CICs and IICs are all non-wireless due to their size, regardless of whether they are the standard Genesis AI or the new Signature Series
  • The Signature Series are manufactured using upgraded thinner but just as strong shell material, which is why they are smaller.
  • The Signature Series replaces the CIC 312 with the CIC R NW so it trades its wireless capabilities for rechargeability, increased water protection, and a potentially smaller size.

When deciding between the Genesis AI and Signature Series, consider your lifestyle and primary needs:

  • Technology and Connectivity: Genesis AI is ideal for tech enthusiasts who enjoy gadgets that cater to both hearing and health monitoring.
  • Invisibility and Simplicity: Signature Series suits those who prefer a low-profile, easy-to-use device.

Deciding between the Genesis AI and Signature Series will largely depend on what you value most in a hearing aid. Whether it's cutting-edge technology or invisible comfort, Starkey offers options that do not compromise on quality. If your lifestyle demands the latest in technology, Genesis AI might be the choice for you. However, if discretion and ease of use are your top priorities, the Signature Series could be your perfect match.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Starkey Genesis AI and Signature Series

What are the main features of the Starkey Genesis AI?

The Starkey Genesis AI features Edge Mode+ Technology for adapting to changing environments, Motion Sensor Hearing for activity-based sound adjustment, and AI Health Tracking, which monitors health metrics such as heart rate and steps.

What distinguishes the Signature Series from Genesis AI?

The Signature Series is designed for invisibility and comfort, featuring custom-fit Completely-in-Canal (CIC) and Invisible-in-Canal (IIC) models, a non-wireless design focusing on simplicity, and the world's smallest rechargeable CIC option.

How does the technology in Genesis AI enhance user experience?

Genesis AI's technology provides dynamic sound adjustments in various environments, tailors sound settings based on the user's movement, and integrates wellness monitoring, enhancing both hearing and overall health management.

Why might someone choose the Signature Series over other models?

The Signature Series is ideal for individuals seeking a discreet hearing solution that prioritises comfort and simplicity, offering advanced sound quality in virtually undetectable models.

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