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Unique Tinnitus Therapies From Signia & Liverpool Hearing Centre

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The beauty of life often lies in the subtle sounds that surround us, from the gentle breeze on a mountaintop to the soft whispers of a loved one, and even the sounds of silence. Yet, for many, this auditory joy is overshadowed when the persistent ring or buzz of tinnitus takes centre stage.


At Liverpool Hearing Centre, we go beyond being a top-tier provider of hearing aids. We're deeply committed to enhancing the lives of those facing hearing challenges, including the often-debilitating effects of tinnitus.


Signia's innovative solutions, such as static noise and ocean wave tinnitus therapies, have taken a leap forward with the introduction of Notch Therapy. Exclusively featured in Signia hearing aids, this ground-breaking approach not only diminishes the impact of tinnitus but, for some, might even bring complete relief.


With Signia's tinnitus therapy, a peaceful mind isn't a distant dream—it's an achievable reality. Let us be your guide on this journey towards reclaiming the serenity that tinnitus has taken away.

Three Tinnitus Therapy Strategies Are Built Into Every Signia Hearing Aid


Signia Static noise tinnitus therapy signals


Signia Ocean wave tinnitus therapy signals


Signia Notch Therapy

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Modern Hearing Aids: Your Ally Against Tinnitus


Tune into life's melodies without the background noise.


Signia hearing aids aren't just devices—they're miniature marvels of technology. Not only do they amplify and clarify the world's sounds, but they're also tailored to tackle the challenges of tinnitus.


Tinnitus, in its varied forms, can be primarily divided into tonal and non-tonal types. The more common tonal tinnitus manifests as near-continuous or overlapping sounds with clear frequencies, like whistles, rings, or buzzes. In contrast, non-tonal tinnitus brings forth irregular noises such as humming, clicking, crackling, or a deep rumble.


Discover more about these distinctions and our supportive solutions on our What is Tinnitus? page.

Three Strategies, Optimum Results


Bespoke Solutions for Personalised Tinnitus Therapy


Signia hearing aids stand out with three distinct strategies to combat tinnitus:

  • Static Noise Tinnitus Therapy and Ocean Wave Tinnitus Therapy: These methods mask the intrusive tinnitus sounds with individually calibrated therapy signals. By diverting your attention away from the tinnitus, they lessen its impact, allowing you to relax and focus on the sounds you truly wish to hear.

  • Notch Therapy: Exclusively available in Signia hearing aids, this innovative approach has been shown to diminish the discomfort of tonal tinnitus and, in some instances, might even silence it entirely.

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signia tinnitus static noise symbol

Static Noise Tinnitus Therapy Signals


Gentle Sounds to Ease the Disturbance of Tinnitus


Signia hearing aids come equipped with a tinnitus noiser function that introduces an additional soft therapy signal. This gentle sound effectively shifts your focus away from the tinnitus, allowing you to unwind and embrace the joys of life. Beyond the array of preset signals, these therapy sounds can be tailored to your unique requirements.


Static noise therapy signals employ a type of sound that seamlessly blends with the tinnitus noise, drawing your attention away from it. With Signia hearing aids, there are five distinct types of signals on offer, ensuring our tinnitus specialists at Liverpool Hearing Centre can assist you in selecting the most comfortable and bespoke solution for your needs.

signia tinnitus ocean waves symbol

Ocean Wave Tinnitus Therapy Signals


The Calming Resonance of the Seashore


Is there anything more soothing than the gentle sound of waves caressing the shore? Drawing inspiration from this serene auditory experience, ocean wave therapy signals recreate the calming ambiance of a beach setting. These signals emulate the rhythmic ebb and flow of the sea, offering a therapeutic, comforting, and stress-alleviating auditory journey.


Your Liverpool Hearing Centre tinnitus specialist is on hand to guide you through four distinct signals, ensuring you find the one that resonates most harmoniously with your senses, providing optimal relaxation and comfort.

signia tinnitus notch therapy symbol

Notch Therapy


Exclusive to Signia Hearing Aids

Silencing Tinnitus for a Truly Tranquil Experience


Signia stands alone in offering hearing aids with integrated Tinnitus Notch Therapy. For those who experience tonal tinnitus, the most common form of the condition, this approach has demonstrated particularly effective results from extensive research and clinical validation.


Diverging from the static noise and ocean wave strategies, which add a supplementary therapy sound, Notch Therapy addresses your tinnitus discreetly and imperceptibly. Simply wear your hearing aids as you typically would, and you could witness a significant reduction in tinnitus disturbance in just a matter of weeks or months.

Without notch Therapy

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Tinnitus stands out above other surrounding noise and is clearly heard

With Notch Therapy

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Notch Therapy reduces the annoyance of your tinnitus so that you can enjoy the sounds of your environment again.

Signia Hearing Aids & Liverpool Hearing Centre

The ideal combination of tinnitus therapies and outstanding hearing care

Signia boasts an extensive range of hearing aids, all equipped with cutting-edge hearing technology and a variety of tinnitus therapies. These therapies are meticulously designed to offer the best individual solution, ensuring an unparalleled sound quality and hearing experience.


These hearing aids come in a spectrum of compact, unobtrusive designs suitable for every type of hearing loss. Catering to every requirement, there's a model just for you. For added convenience and discretion, these devices can be remotely managed via the Signia App. This app even features a 24/7 virtual assistant, ensuring you have support anytime, even outside of clinic operating hours.

Your Liverpool Hearing Centre Tinnitus Specialist is Here to Guide You.

Enquire about the diverse tinnitus therapy options from Signia. To pinpoint the best tinnitus strategy tailored for you, reach out and book your Full Tinnitus Assessment. We are ready to assist, guiding you in choosing the perfect hearing aid, the most effective tinnitus therapy, and offering invaluable advice to make your journey with tinnitus more serene.

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