A Detailed Look at the New ReSound Nexia

A Comprehensive Deep Dive into the Future of rechargeable Hearing Aids with Auracast

We'd like to introduce you to the ReSound Nexia...again! We thought you'd like to know more about this groundbreaking technology now that we've learned more ourselves.


Today, we're taking a deeper dive into the ReSound Nexia range of hearing aids with a real world review of this rechargeable Auracast Bluetooth hearing technology.

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Feature Details
Form Factors Rechargeable microRIE, Classic RIE 61 (312 battery), Classic RIE 62 (13 battery)
Unique Offering New CROS transmitter for single-sided deafness, first for ReSound
Size and Comfort One of the smallest rechargeable hearing aids, comfortable with eyeglasses
Battery Life Up to 30 hours without streaming, 24 hours with streaming
Technology Levels Available in tech levels 9 (premium), 7 (mid), and 5 (basic)
Additional Features AuraCast Bluetooth compatibility, IP68 rating for moisture and debris resistance
ReSound Nexia Customer Brochure
ReSound Nexia™ is a highly-rated hearing aid, particularly for its performance in noisy environments. It represents a new era in hearing technology, combining proven performance with advanced features. This hearing aid is designed to be smaller than ever without compromising on quality. Users have praised ReSound Nexia for its sound quality and effectiveness in noise.
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Introducing ReSound Nexia

In this blog, we'll take a really deep dive into the new ReSound Nexia hearing aids. Just over a year has passed since the ReSound Omnia hearing aids were introduced, and the company has now unveiled the new Nexia platform. Since new hearing aid platforms are usually launched every 18 to 24 months, it is unusual to debut a new model of aid just one year after the introduction of the previous generation of technology. However, we must say that ReSound's substantial improvements to their Nexia hearing aids have more than justified an early release of this new platform.

ReSound Nexia Basics

Let's begin by going over the basics. They are all currently behind the ear types of which there are three variants: the Classic RIE 61 (size 312 disposable battery), the Rechargeable microRIE (receiver in ear), and the Classic RIE 62 (size 13 throwaway battery).

ReSOund Nexia CROS and BiCROS for Single-Sided Deafness

There is also excellent news for those who are deaf on one side only. A new CROS transmitter is another feature of the ReSound Nexia platform, which is a first for ReSound. It will be possible for this transmitter to perform both CROS and BiCROS activities. It is also possible to recharge this new CROS transmitter. It appears just like the microRIE in real life, and even though it is rechargeable, it still works with the hearing aid versions that use disposable batteries.

It's Small, Like, Really Small!

For a moment, let's have a look at the new rechargeable microRIE. we must start by saying that this is the smallest rechargeable battery-operated hearing aid we have ever seen. It is significantly smaller than the already-compact Omnia rechargeable microRIE hearing aid from the previous generation.


So, the good news for those who use glasses and find that they can be a problem we have much more room behind our ears, so wearing glasses is not a problem at all.


The hearing aid's enclosure was made utilising a high-tech material that ReSound invented themselves. Moreover, they managed to incorporate small MEMS microphones within these apparatuses and seal them using a novel technique.


This has all helped to free up a substantial amount of internal space in the hearing aid. They were also able to change the design and arrangement of every component, including the accelerometer, inside these hearing aids. This hearing aid is the smallest rechargeable device that fits behind your ears on the world because of all this miniaturisation.



It's amazing what ReSound has managed to do with all the technology crammed into such a small, portable gadget. 

ReSound Nexia Chargers

There are still three types of chargers available: desktop, budget, and basic. With the built-in battery bank in the premium charger, you can keep extra charges in it and use the LED lights to see how much battery life is left in your hearing aids. It is portable and may be charged for several days on its internal storage unit.


It may take up to three hours for the lithium-ion batteries inside these devices to reach their full capacity after charging. If you do not stream anything from your phone, tablet, or TV, these hearing aids can last up to 30 hours on a single charge. For a hearing aid this small, the battery life is tremendous—you could stream for an entire day and still have 24 hours left.


An additional feature we like about the chargers at Liverpool Hearing Centre is their spacious well, which can hold custom earmolds—something not all other manufacturers can claim to be able to achieve. The removal of the hearing aids is the only task that some people could find challenging. If you get the angle just right, it won't be a problem, but if you get it wrong, the interior lining is made of a rubbery material that can catch a little bit. Therefore, taking out your hearing aids could be challenging if you have weak finger dexterity, but it shouldn't be a big deal.



Naturally, the number of hours of battery life you'll get when transmitting sounds from one ear to the other is one of the first questions we receive from users of CROS hearing aids. Furthermore, to our happy surprise, the CROS transmitter has a battery life of up to 16 hours, which is more than sufficient for someone who wears hearing aids for most of the day.


When it comes to how the hearing aids look, we like the rechargeable microRIE model. The versions with throwaway batteries don't really appeal to us. We appreciate that they offer the option of a disposable battery because these days, not many manufacturers provide hearing aids with disposable batteries. Since rechargeable batteries are now so dependable, we really think the disposable battery versions of these hearing aids are a little daft. This is especially true since the disposable battery versions lack a tap control feature and an embedded accelerometer.


On the other hand, the Classic RIE 62s, which run on a size 13 disposable battery, come equipped with an inbuilt telecoil. Thus, you will want the 62's with a disposable battery if you wish to have direct access to a hearing loop system within a public setting.


The Multi Mic attachment with the telecoil inside is still compatible with these hearing aids, so you can still use the rechargeable version and the size 312 disposable battery version to access a hearing loop. Additionally, the Multi Mic is a practical tool for all those dinners and meetings.

Depending on the kind of receiver you use with your hearing aid, your device can accommodate a variety of hearing losses, from moderate to profound, regardless of the version you own. Naturally, you should use a custom earmold with these hearing aids if you have a moderate to severe hearing loss or worse.


Microphone and Receiver in Ear, or M&RIE, receivers work with all of these kinds as well. These are fantastic receivers, but in order to use them, you need to have the right kind of hearing loss.


Because they essentially implant a microphone within your ear canal, enabling you to use your natural pinna effect to help detect the direction of sounds, these receivers are especially good.



It's a little sad that there aren't any intriguing colour options beyond the basic eight flesh tone and hair colour combinations.

ReSound Nexia RIC Colours

ReSound Nexia Performance Levels

Considering that the ReSound Nexia is the company's flagship model, you will receive technology levels of 9, 7, and 5. They have three tiers: seven for mid-tier, five for bottom, and nine for premium. It's challenging to determine which level of technology is ideal for you until you’ve tried them yourself. In general, we can inform you that as technology advances, functions and customisations are removed from the toolkit of your hearing care specialist to maximise the functionality of those devices for you.


It does not, however, ensure that performance would be lost if you fell from a level 9 to a level 7, or from a level 7 to a level 5. It just implies that you might be losing out on a chance to gain something. Thus, our guidance is universal. The best technology should be chosen if it is within reasonable reach of you; if not, you should downgrade to a more affordable level. Your hearing care specialist will then be responsible for maximising the benefits of that technology.


As for the Nexia technology levels, the Front Focus feature is only available on the premium level 9 technology. You lose the feature when you switch from the 9 to the 7 or the 5s, and you must use the Ultra Focus feature instead. This is noteworthy because, in the presence of background noise, the Front Focus feature raises your signal-to-noise ratio by 4 dB.


Indeed, this surpasses the capabilities of the Ultra Focus function present in the level 7 and level 5 devices. For those who are not acquainted with signal-to-noise ratio enhancements, a mere one decibel increase in signal-to-noise ratio typically corresponds to a 10% improvement in a background noise scenario. Therefore, a 40% improvement in speech understanding in background noise is equal to a four-decibel gain.


Remember that the ReSound Nexia level 9 technology hearing aids achieve this extra benefit through directionality, which only functions optimally when you can block off or occlude your ear canal more. Therefore, how you couple the hearing aid to your ear with a dome or with a custom ear mould will determine how you get this benefit.


We are sure that by now you're wondering how much these hearing aids cost, and as always, it depends on several factors, including your location, the degree of technology you choose, the services you get with your purchase, and the calibre of those services. Because of this, the cost of a hearing aid could differ significantly depending on each of these factors by thousands of pounds. It truly comes down to value, and at Liverpool Hearing Centre, we like to think you'll have a hard time finding superior care elsewhere. Simply, have a glance at our Google reviews.

ReSound Nexia & AuraCast Bluetooth

Now recall that I mentioned I was more excited about one particular feature of these hearing aids than any other. In the future, these hearing aids will work with AuraCast, a brand-new LE Audio Bluetooth feature that will improve wireless communication between these devices in several amazing ways. Not only will this kind of Bluetooth be more reliable and provide higher-quality audio, but it will also save your hearing aids' battery life and feature a feature called Broadcast Audio that lets you share audio signals with people or let them share theirs with you.

ReSound 3D App

They continue to use the Smart 3D app as there aren't many reasons to change things because the Smart 3D app is now the best-rated hearing aid software available. But they have added new features to the app, like the ReSound Assist feature that lets you have a remote care session with Liverpool Hearing Centre from the comfort of your home, and the Check My Fit feature that lets you know if your hearing aids are positioned correctly in your ears.


Naturally, one feature of the app is the ability to move between the numerous programmes that it contains. Also, you get access to the numerous accessories. A few filters are also available to you, such as a speech clarity and noise filter. Naturally, you can adjust the level of one or both hearing aids simultaneously. In addition, the Sound Enhancer lets you modify your audio settings using a three-band equaliser. It is also compatible with streaming, which is a useful feature. Additionally, features like wind noise reduction and noise reduction can be customised. This software's compatibility with an Apple Watch is another fantastic feature that lets you adjust your hearing aids while wearing your watch.


ReSound Nexia Accessories

It is still possible to use the ReSound Nexia with almost all the other ReSound accessories. Included are the TV Streamer 2 from the previous version, the Multi Mic, the Micro Mic, the Phone Clip+, the Remote Control, and the Remote Control 2.

One practical thing to bear in mind is that the ReSound Nexia hearing aids are extremely resistant to moisture and dirt thanks to their IP 68 rating. You should always purchase an IP68 certified hearing aid if you're worried about your aids breaking down on you because it lowers the chance of moisture and debris damaging them.

ReSound Nexia Conclusion

All things considered, the ReSound Nexia hearing aids are excellent, and we understand why ReSound decided to release these devices so quickly—just a year after the Omnia platform. Therefore, you might want to give this hearing aid some thought if you're looking for a very small rechargeable receiver in canal hearing aid, one of those increasingly uncommon disposable battery hearing aids, a hearing aid that excels in background noise, or a hearing aid that leads the way in Bluetooth connectivity.


Ready to explore the possibilities with ReSound Nexia? Reach out to us at Liverpool Hearing Centre and let's embark on this journey to better hearing together. Don't forget, if you have a friend who might benefit from our services, recommend them through our Recommend a Friend program.

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