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Phonak Slim Hearing Aids: Comprehensive Review and Prices*

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Liverpool Hearing Centre is the city's only genuinely independent hearing centre, so we may honestly evaluate devices from any manufacturer. In this post, we'll take a look at the Phonak Slim, one of the most anticipated new hearing aids of 2023.


Phonak is a leading global provider of innovative hearing solutions, focused on helping individuals with hearing loss lead fulfilling lives.


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Please be aware that no matter how good a hearing aid is, it will not function to its full potential unless a hearing care professional who has received direct training from the manufacturer fits and programs it. You want to get the most out of your hearing aids, and Liverpool Hearing Centre collaborates closely with all of the major manufacturers. You deserve to know what a difference excellent hearing care can make.

Phonak Slim Prices

Liverpool Hearing Centre has classified two ranges of hearing aids. We have a "core" and a "premium" range of hearing aids. Phonak is in our premium range. You can find Phonak Slim prices here.

Introduction to Phonak Slim Hearing Aids

In this Phonak Slim hearing aid review, we'll be taking a closer look at the highly anticipated Phonak Slim, a fashionable and functional hearing aid offering from Phonak. Announced in mid-2022, the Phonak Slim was initially met with some scepticism due to its previous generation Paradise Platform and subsequent release delays. However, the redesigned Phonak Slim hearing aids are now built on the current generation Lumity platform, bringing a fresh new look and advanced features to the market.

Phonak Slim Design and Colour Options

Comparing Phonak Slim to Signia Styletto

The redesigned Phonak Slim hearing aids come in four different colour options, including a two-tone silver/graphite, copper/black, and a new sandalwood option with matching colour push buttons. When compared to the Signia Styletto, personal preferences may vary as to which hearing aid appears more fashionable.

Physical Dimensions and Ergonomics

Measuring approximately 40 millimetres in length and 7.35 millimetres in width, the Phonak Slim hearing aids are slightly longer and narrower than their Phonak Audeo Lumity R counterparts. The Snap Fit receivers also feature a seven-degree outboard angle, designed for increased ergonomics and reduced interference with glasses. However, this angle may cause the wire to protrude slightly from the side of the ear.

Phonak Slim Hearing Aids Features and Technology Levels

Battery Life and Charging

The Phonak Slim hearing aids utilise a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, providing all-day battery life even with extensive streaming. The new charger takes three hours to fully charge the hearing aids, although it doesn't have a built-in battery bank for on-the-go charging.

Technology Levels and Customisation

Phonak Slim hearing aids are available in two technology levels: Premium 90, which offers all features and customisations found in the Lumity lineup, and Advanced 70, which removes some features and customisations but still provides a high-quality hearing aid experience. There are currently no Level 50 or Level 30 devices available, and there is no CROS compatibility or telecoil option.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Motion Sensor

With Bluetooth Classic connectivity, the Phonak Slim hearing aids can pair with virtually any Bluetooth device, providing improved audio quality while streaming. The motion sensor found in other Lumity rechargeable hearing aids is also present in the Phonak Slim, allowing users to answer and hang up phone calls, pause and resume streaming, and access voice assistants with a double tap.

Compatibility with MyPhone App and Assistive Listening Devices

The Phonak Slim hearing aids are compatible with the MyPhone app for various controls and have integrated Roger receivers for wireless access to Roger remote microphones, which are some of the best assistive listening devices on the market. The devices can also stream audio directly from a TV with the help of a TV connector box.

FAQs About Phonak Slim Hearing Aids


What is the difference between the original Phonak Slims and the new ones?

The original Phonak Slims were built on the previous generation Paradise Platform, while the new ones are built on the current generation Lumity platform. The new Phonak Slims also have a redesigned look and come in four colour options, including a new sandalwood colour option.


What kind of battery do Phonak Slims use?

Phonak Slims use a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides all-day battery life, even when streaming, and takes only three hours to fully charge inside the new charger.


Do Phonak Slims have Bluetooth connectivity?

Yes, Phonak Slims have Bluetooth connectivity with virtually any Bluetooth device, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


What technology levels are available for Phonak Slims?

Currently, Phonak Slims are available in the top-tier Premium 90 level and the second-tier Advanced 70 level, both of which offer various features and customisations.


Do Phonak Slims have noise reduction capabilities?

Yes, Phonak Slims have some of the best noise reduction capabilities in the hearing aid industry for steady state noises, soft noises, and impulse noises.


The Phonak Slim hearing aids are an excellent addition to the Phonak lineup, offering a sleek design, advanced features, and improved ergonomics. While they may not be the perfect choice for everyone, the Slim is a strong contender in the fashionable hearing aid market. With two technology levels and compatibility with the MyPhone app and assistive listening devices, the Phonak Slim delivers a high-quality hearing aid experience.

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