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Exploring the World of Phonak Lyric: Answering Your Top Questions

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Key Takeaways:

Aspect Detail
Types of Hearing Aids Compares daily wear and extended wear hearing aids, highlighting Lyric's unique extended wear feature.
Lyric's Special Features Discusses the 24/7 usability, deep canal placement, and suitability for various lifestyles.
Candidacy and Suitability Addresses the candidacy criteria for Lyric users, including health and lifestyle factors.
Maintenance and Care Explores the maintenance process, including handling earwax and device removal.
Tinnitus and Lyric Examines how Lyric aids in managing tinnitus symptoms.

Phonak Lyric has emerged as a revolutionary name in the hearing aid industry, offering unique benefits and challenges that stir curiosity among users and enthusiasts alike. This article delves deep into the world of Phonak Lyric, addressing your most pressing questions and providing insights into how it could transform your hearing experience.

Understanding the Phonak Lyric: Types of Hearing Aids

Phonak Lyric stands out in the hearing aid market due to its extended wear capability. Unlike daily-wear hearing aids, which are more commonly seen and include behind-the-ear and in-canal types, Lyric offers a novel approach. It's designed to be worn 24/7 for a period of six to eight weeks, offering unparalleled convenience and ease of use, akin to contact lenses but for your ears. This unique feature positions Lyric as a distinct choice for those seeking a blend of comfort and continuous hearing support. To learn more about the differences between these hearing aid types, visit Phonak Lyric's product page.

The Phonak Lyric Subscription Model:

  • 30-day trial period to fully experience Lyric benefits
  • Seamless hearing journey with Lyric subscription:
    • Get a new Lyric device every 120 days for consistent performance and comfort
    • Choose a 1-year subscription for £1,700 per ear or PAYG monthly £175 per ear
    • Enjoy updates in Lyric's capabilities without worrying about outdated devices
    • Receive regular expert care and support from authorised hearing care professionals
    • Benefit from periodic performance evaluations to optimise Lyric device function

Experience excellence in hearing with the Lyric subscription model, featuring cutting-edge technology, attentive care, and unwavering support.

Special Features of Lyric: Extended Wear for a Seamless Experience

Phonak Lyric's design allows it to be placed approximately four millimetres from the eardrum, deep within the ear canal. This positioning not only makes it totally invisible but also ensures it stays put during various activities, including sleeping, showering, and even careful swimming. The design reflects a deep understanding of users' lifestyles, aiming to provide a hassle-free hearing experience. Our guide to the best invisible hearing aids in 2023 provides more information for those who are curious about the discreet nature of hearing aids.

Candidacy for Lyric: Who Is It For?

Not everyone is a perfect candidate for Phonak Lyric. Prospective users must undergo a comprehensive assessment to determine their suitability. Factors like ear canal shape, medical history, and lifestyle play a crucial role in this determination. The Lyric is particularly loved by those who qualify, thanks to its blend of invisibility and performance. If you're wondering about your suitability for Lyric, especially in relation to tinnitus, explore our dedicated page on Phonak Lyric for Tinnitus.

Maintenance and Care: Living with Lyric

While the Lyric is designed for extended wear, it does require attention in terms of maintenance, particularly concerning earwax management. Regular check-ups are part of the Lyric experience, ensuring the device functions optimally and the ear remains healthy. If you ever face issues with your Lyrics or need them removed, a special tool called SoundLync makes it possible to do so safely.

Navigating Practical Concerns: MRI Scans, Water Resistance, and More

MRI Compatibility and Lyric

One of the most frequent inquiries about Phonak Lyric revolves around its compatibility with MRI scans. The Lyric hearing aids are not suitable for wearing during MRI procedures due to the strong magnets used in MRI equipment. If you require an MRI, it's necessary to visit your hearing healthcare provider for the removal of the Lyric devices before the scan. After completing the MRI, you can return to your provider to have the Lyrics reinserted. This process ensures safety and maintains the integrity of both the MRI procedure and the hearing aids. For further information or to schedule an appointment, you can reach out to us through our contact page.

Water Resistance of Lyric

While the Phonak Lyric offers many advantages in terms of its extended wear, one question often arises: Are Lyric hearing aids waterproof? The answer is that while Lyric is not designed for submersion in water, it can withstand light exposure to water, such as during showering. However, for activities like swimming or scuba diving, Lyric may not be the ideal choice. If you frequently engage in water activities, you might want to consider other options, which you can explore in our guide on the best invisible hearing aids of 2023.

Managing Earwax with Lyric

Earwax, or cerumen, is a natural occurrence and can impact the functionality of hearing aids. With Lyric, regular visits to the hearing care provider ensure that any earwax buildup is managed effectively. The placement of Lyric aids in the ear canal often leads to the extraction of earwax along with the device during routine maintenance visits. This built-in feature of maintenance provides an added convenience for Lyric users.

Tinnitus Management with Phonak Lyric

A significant area of interest for many potential Phonak Lyric users is its impact on tinnitus. Tinnitus, characterised by ringing or buzzing in the ears, often accompanies hearing loss. Phonak Lyric's extended wear feature allows continuous stimulation of the auditory system, which can be beneficial for tinnitus sufferers, especially during quieter times like at night. Studies indicate that wearing hearing aids like Lyric can lead to a noticeable reduction in tinnitus symptoms for many users. For those specifically interested in this aspect, our specialised page on Phonak Lyric for Tinnitus provides more comprehensive information.

Embracing a New Hearing Experience: The Lifestyle Benefits of Phonak Lyric

The Invisible Advantage

One of the most appealing aspects of the Phonak Lyric is its invisibility. This feature is particularly beneficial for those concerned about the aesthetic aspects of wearing a hearing aid. The Lyric's placement deep in the ear canal makes it completely hidden from view, offering a solution that combines advanced hearing technology with a discreet profile. For individuals valuing both performance and privacy, the Lyric stands as a compelling choice.

The Convenience Factor

The design of the Lyric hearing aid caters to a lifestyle of ease and convenience. Unlike traditional hearing aids that require daily insertion and removal, Lyric is worn continuously for weeks at a time. This feature is especially advantageous for individuals with dexterity issues or those who prefer a 'fit and forget' type of hearing solution. The hassle-free nature of Lyric aligns with the needs of a dynamic and active lifestyle.

Understanding the Lyric Subscription Model

A Cost-Effective Approach

Phonak Lyric is dispensed on a subscription basis, a unique model in the world of hearing aids. This approach means users pay for a year or a PAYG subscription, which includes all necessary maintenance, device replacements, and regular check-ups. This model not only simplifies the user experience but also provides a cost-effective solution for ongoing hearing care.

Regular Care and Maintenance

The subscription model ensures that Lyric users receive regular care and maintenance for their devices. This frequent interaction with hearing care professionals ensures optimal device performance and addresses any issues promptly. The regular check-ups also provide an opportunity for users to discuss their experiences and make any necessary adjustments.

Phonak Lyric: A Transformative Solution for Diverse Hearing Needs

Technology at the Forefront

Phonak Lyric represents a significant advancement in hearing aid technology. Its ability to provide clear, natural sound quality, combined with its extended wear design, positions it as a leader in the hearing aid industry. The innovative approach to hearing aid design demonstrates Phonak's commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology with user comfort and convenience.

User Experience and Satisfaction

The user experience with Phonak Lyric is often described as transformative. The convenience of not having to remove and insert the hearing aid daily, coupled with its invisibility, enhances the quality of life for its users. Many Lyric users report a high level of satisfaction due to the freedom and confidence it offers, allowing them to engage in daily activities without the worry or hassle often associated with traditional hearing aids.

Comparing Lyric with Other Hearing Aids

When compared to other hearing aids, Lyric stands out for its unique extended wear feature and invisibility. While other hearing aids offer various benefits such as Bluetooth connectivity or customizable settings, Lyric's 24/7 wearability and maintenance-free aspect cater to a specific audience looking for simplicity and discretion. It's important for potential users to consider their personal needs and lifestyle when choosing a hearing aid, and Lyric offers a distinctive option in the market.


Phonak Lyric emerges as a notable choice in the hearing aid industry, blending innovative technology with user-centric design. Its unique features, like extended wear capability, invisibility, and hassle-free maintenance, make it a preferred choice for many. As with any medical device, it's essential to consult with a healthcare provider to determine if Lyric is the right fit for individual needs and lifestyle.


For those considering Phonak Lyric or seeking more information about hearing aids, visiting our comprehensive news pages and our contact page can provide valuable insights and assistance.

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