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Oticon Real (World) Hearing Aid Review & Prices*

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As the only truly independent hearing centre in Liverpool, Liverpool Hearing Centre is able to review hearing aids from all manufacturers. In this blog, we are reviewing what we consider one of the top hearing aid launches for 2023 - Oticon Real.


Oticon are a leading healthcare and technology brand with an excellent reputation worldwide and provide a range of hearing aids for all types of hearing loss.


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Oticon Real Prices

Liverpool Hearing Centre has classified two ranges of hearing aids. We have a "core" and a "premium" range of hearing aids. As previously mentioned, Liverpool Hearing Centre is completely independent and you can see all our hearing aid prices including those for Oticon.

Oticon Real Replaces Oticon More At The Top

This blog post will focus on Oticon Real, a brand-new product from the company. This is their new flagship product, which has replaced the Oticon More. As of the beginning of last month, the Oticon Real has replaced the Oticon More as their primary product for all behind-the-ear hearing aids. This update applies to receiver-in-canal and behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids, and Oticon will continue to promote its Oticon Own in-ear custom devices.

What's The Difference Between Oticon More & Oticon Real

So what distinguishes Oticon Real from Oticon More? We will answer this question by beginning with the similarities:

1. The form factor (shape) of the hearing aid has not changed, and it is still available in the same colours, but this time with the addition of olive green.


2. Using Bluetooth, you will be able to connect in the same manner. Apple devices will allow you to use completely hands-free calling. Android devices will require you to hold your phone closer to your face in order to provide clear audio to the person on the other end of the line.

3. The technology underlying the Oticon More and Oticon Real hearing aids, the Deep Neural Network, also remains the same. Oticon essentially collected 12 million sounds from real-world scenarios and used them to train their hearing aids to prioritise everyday sounds. This incredible technology is still present in the Oticon Real.

So What Has Improved with Oticon Real vs Oticon More?


1. The first one is called the Sudden Sound Stabilizer, and it deals with sudden, unexpectedly loud noises in your environment. Imagine a glass being placed on a hard surface, the doorbell ringing, or an espresso machine beginning to brew a beverage. This loud noise can be very distracting for those with hearing aids. When loud noises enter your soundscape, they can distract you from the conversation you are currently engaged in. This may occur in a restaurant or at home. Sudden Sound Stabilizer is all about reducing these loud sounds, such as a dog barking next to you, which can be very distracting. Oticon has essentially trained their hearing aid on a number of common sudden sounds and is using technology to bring these sounds down quickly without lowering the volume or gain of the entire conversation. As a result, you can maintain comfort even when hearing loud, piercing sounds, which, in our experience, is a very appealing feature. It's a simple update at first glance, but hearing aid wearers know that loud noises can be very distracting and in some cases even painful if your hearing aids don't do the work to reduce them. That concludes the first and likely most significant update to the Oticon Real release.

2. The second update addresses wind and handling noise, so this update primarily reduces wind noise, which is great for outdoor enthusiasts. It also reduces handling noise, which essentially means that when you touch the space behind your ear, your hat, your hair, or your glasses, you will hear less feedback or that crunching sound that unfortunately many hearing aid wearers have experienced frequently.


Those are the two major updates with the new Oticon Real vs Oticon More, in addition to a few minor ones, but we believe these are the most important ones for anyone who really loves Oticon and may be ready for an upgrade. This is very good news if you want some more intelligent and refined technology.

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Author: Paul Nand

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