Preventing Dementia with Oticon Hearing Aids and HearingFitness

How preserving your hearing preserves your health

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As the only truly independent hearing centre in Liverpool, Liverpool Hearing Centre is able to review hearing aids from all manufacturers. In this blog, we are looking at the brain's important role in hearing and how together they can affect your overall health.


Oticon is a leading healthcare and technology brand with an excellent reputation worldwide and has long understood the relationship between your hearing, the brain, and general health.


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How preserving your hearing preserves your health

Did you know your brain processes sound? Our ears collect sounds, which are simply changes in air pressure, but the brain interprets them. Your brain plays a significant role in hearing. And similar to other muscles, it requires exercise. How can you maintain your hearing? HearingFitness within the Oticon ON app has been designed specifically for this purpose.

HearingFitness In The Oticon Hearing Aids App

Similar to an exercise app, HearingFitness monitors hearing aid usage and provides information that can be used to improve hearing health habits. What does this actually mean? The HearingFitness app shows you how to use your hearing aids better by helping you set personal goals for how you use them and letting you keep track of your progress over time.


Increased use of hearing aids stimulates the brain and, in the end, reduces the common side effects of untreated hearing loss, such as fatigue, withdrawal, and stress. Engaging in conversation also maintains your mental acuity and improves your health.


HearingFitness enables you to maximise your hearing potential. And with access to hearing data, you are empowered to maintain your own hearing health.

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Data-driven hearing care with HearingFitness™
Oticon shares openly its innovative vision and roadmap
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How exactly does Oticon's HearingFitness function?

The Oticon ON application for Oticon hearing aids incorporates the HearingFitness technology, and it provides a clear overview of your hearing day in a simple app. When you set personal hearing objectives, your progress towards them is also displayed.


All the latest Oticon hearing aids, apart from the very smallest completely in the ear hearing aids, can use the Oticon On app and the HearingFitness feature, including the Oticon Own and Oticon Real hearing aids.

Why is healthy hearing so important?

Like the muscles in your arms and legs, your brain needs to be exercised to keep working at its best and keep it from getting older. There are numerous ways to exercise your brain, including brain teasers, crossword puzzles, and learning a new language.


Your brain is exercised whenever you interact with others, and your hearing enables you to listen, converse, and more. Sound stimulates the brain, whereas conversations and social activities maintain mental acuity.

The fight against Alzheimer's

Dementia is a loss of brain function that can result from a variety of brain disorders. Untreated hearing loss can increase the risk of developing dementia. Why? Because hearing impairment can:

  1. Contribute to social withdrawal and lead to social isolation. Socialising is essential for brain health.
  2. Attempting to compensate for missing auditory information due to hearing loss depletes the energy required for memory formation and cognition.