The 6 Best Receiver-In-Canal Hearing Aids For 2023

Liverpool Hearing Centre has chosen its best-of-the best list of receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids for 2023.

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Introduction To The Best RIC Hearing Aids For 2023

This is without a doubt the best line-up of receiver-in-canal hearing aids we've ever seen, and we'll share our top six picks for 2023 below. We are taking a look at all of the different hearing aids on the market and telling you which ones we think are the best of the best. As with all technology, hearing aids improve year after year.


We at the Liverpool Hearing Centre have chosen six receiver-in-canal hearing aids that we think are better than the rest, but before we get into our top picks for the six best receiver-in-canal hearing aids for 2023, please read the following disclaimers: First and foremost, it makes no difference how fantastic any of the hearing aids discussed in this article are if they have not been properly fitted and programmed by a hearing care professional who adheres to the latest best practices. A good audiologist and a well-equipped hearing centre are the only ways to ensure that you get the most out of your hearing aids. Second, we do not rank these hearing aids in order on purpose because what is the perfect hearing aid for someone else may not be the perfect hearing aid for you. This is entirely dependent on your specific wants and needs, as well as your hearing loss. Third, this article is dedicated to the best receiver in canal hearing aids, so if you're looking for the best custom hearing aids, Bluetooth hearing aids, invisible hearing aids, budget hearing aids, or over-the-counter hearing aids, you'll need to wait for one of our upcoming articles.



Now that that's out of the way, let's get into our top six receiver-in-canal hearing aids of 2023.

ReSound Omnia

The first is the ReSound OMNIA. The ReSound OMNIA hearing aid is the company's newest product. It is a replacement for the ReSound ONE hearing aid. That was an excellent hearing aid in its own right, but this is without a doubt the best hearing aid ReSound has ever released. This hearing aid made it to the list in 2023 because it improves speech understanding and background noise by 150% over the previous generation ReSound ONE technology. ReSound was able to accomplish this by improving how well sound is processed inside the hearing aid, as well as how the directional microphones are controlled, resulting in a signal-to-noise ratio improvement of more than four decibels.


This, however, is not the only positive aspect of this hearing aid. This hearing aid is also the only one that lets you use a receiver with a microphone inside your ear canal. The M&RIE receiver from ReSound is designed to preserve your natural pinna effect, making sound more natural. According to ReSound's data, people prefer the sound quality of the M&RIE receiver over a standard receiver with a pinna restoration algorithm. When determining which direction a sound is coming from, using your natural pinna effect is extremely helpful. This is referred to as "localisation," and it is extremely useful when attempting to locate the source of a sound, such as determining which direction someone is calling your name from.


The ReSound OMNIA hearing aid is simple to pair with an iPhone or Android phone. This allows you to wirelessly stream audio into both of your ears at the same time. It also allows you to use the ReSound Smart 3D app, which is one of the best hearing aid apps on the market right now.



It is also available in rechargeable and non-rechargeable forms, with access to a variety of wireless accessories such as the ReSound Multi Mic and the TV streamer. We also like how ReSound allows you to use a telecoil via the hearing aid or the Multi Mic.If you want to upgrade your hearing aid technology in 2023, the ReSound OMNIA is a good choice. 

Oticon More

The Oticon More is the second hearing aid on the list. When performing sound processing, the Oticon More is well known for its use of a deep neural network to perform deep learning. This is basically a way to use artificial intelligence to process sound.


Oticon maintains the philosophy of keeping your listening landscape open in a background noise situation, so you are aware of sounds around you but it does not prevent you from understanding the person with whom you are conversing. The Oticon More continues to astound us with its ability to amplify high-frequency speech information. The vast majority of people have high-frequency hearing loss, so this hearing aid is a great fit for a lot of people. If you require a custom ear mould, Oticon offers a fantastic custom ear mould called the MicroShell. This custom ear mould has the potential to improve the performance of this hearing aid further than with a rubber dome.


While this hearing aid was initially released in January 2021, Oticon has been consistently releasing firmware updates to unlock new features and improve the device's performance. Of course, the Oticon More is compatible with Apple and Android devices via Bluetooth, and you can do two-way audio through this hearing aid or toggle off two-way audio, which is another feature that we really like about this hearing aid. If you want to use two-way audio, you must use an Apple device.


With 2-Way Audio, the microphone in your hearing aids can pick up and stream your voice directly back to your iPhone and iPad. For a long time, you've been able to hear what those on the other end are saying wirelessly "in" your hearing aids, but now you don’t need to be speaking into your device for them to hear you as the hearing aids pick up your voice for you. 2-way audio allows you to easily have conversations without having to hold your phone near your mouth. Instead, it can be, for example, in your pocket, on a nearby table, or next to you in the car.



The Oticon More is available in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable versions, and both include an embedded telecoil. If you're deaf in one ear, you can get a CROS transmitter with these devices, so you can have a great hearing aid even if you need CROS transmission. You'd be hard pressed to find a better overall hearing aid than the Oticon More, which is why it's still on the list in 2023. 

Phonak Audeo Luminity

The Phonak Audeo Lumity is the third hearing aid on the list. The Audeo Lumity line of hearing aids builds on the success of the Audeo Paradise hearing aids by allowing you to use Bluetooth Classic, which means you can connect to virtually any other Bluetooth device with these hearing aids, not to mention the ability to pair with up to eight different Bluetooth devices at the same time with two concurrent devices active. This eliminates the need to constantly toggle Bluetooth between multiple devices. You can simply switch between your two favourites.


The MyPhonak app is not the most stable app in the hearing aid world, but it is one of the most fully functional, which means you can go in and make a lot of customisations on your own devices if that's your thing. The Lumity hearing aids also include one of our favourite features, AutoSense OS 5.0. This enables your hearing care professional to make changes to a variety of programme settings that are automatically entered based on your acoustic environment. And, yes, your hearing aid will automatically enter these programme settings without your intervention.


You also get tap control. By double-tapping your ear, you can pause and resume streaming. It lets you answer and hang up phone calls as well as use a voice assistant. Phonak also has some of the best wireless accessories available, such as their Partner Microphone, TV Connector, and Roger Microphones, which allow you to do a variety of things that all help you out significantly in background noise situations.


Their custom C-Shell ear moulds are also our current favourites because they use acoustically optimised venting, which takes a variety of different factors into account when building the exact right vent size for you and your hearing loss. Speaking of ear moulds, they're also the only hearing aid manufacturer that makes something called an ActiveVent receiver, which opens and closes the venting depending on what you're trying to accomplish, and this can help you get better streaming performance if you like listening to music because it gives you more bass tones, and it can help you out significantly in a background noise situation by closing off those vents and preventing noise from coming in.


Unfortunately, this hearing aid is only available in rechargeable form factors, so you cannot get a disposable battery version of this hearing aid at this time. You can choose between a rechargeable with a telecoil and a waterproof rechargeable Life version. In terms of waterproofing, the Phonak Audeo Lumity Life hearing aid is the most waterproof on the market. While many current hearing aids have an IP rating of 68, which means they're extremely resistant to solids and moisture, this hearing aid is on an entirely different level that blows that rating away, and it remains the only hearing aid that we cannot kill with water. To make the hearing aid waterproof, they used a parylene coating to coat all of the electronic components inside. They also lined all of the seals with silicone to ensure that no water could enter the hearing aid, and they even used a Gore-Tex lining on the microphone to prevent water from entering through the microphones.



To top it all off, they used inductive charging rather than contact charging to eliminate all battery contacts. Overall, the Phonak Audeo Lumity line of devices, with all of their various features, has earned a spot on this list for 2023. 

Signia AX

The Signia AX is the fourth best hearing aid on the list as we enter 2023. The Signia Augmented Xperience line of hearing aids is the only one on the market that uses dual processors. While these dual processors are not the only reason these hearing aids made the list in 2023, they did make the list because of their ability to handle Own Voice Processing, reverberant environments, and how they charge. 


Own Voice Processing 2.0 is an improvement over the previous generation of Own Voice Processing, allowing these hearing aids to reduce the amount of amplification given to your voice while not reducing amplification for everything else around you that you still want to hear. This feature can help people who have trouble getting used to their own voices when they start using hearing aids for the first time. 


The Auto EchoShield feature enables Signia AX devices to reduce reverberation amplification so that it does not interfere with direct speech signals. If you have trouble hearing in reverberant environments, such as a kitchen or a living room with high ceilings and hardwood floors, the Signia AX devices may be ideal for you.  


The Signia AX line of devices is also available in rechargeable and non-rechargeable configurations. When it comes to the rechargeable form factor, they now use a technique known as galvanic charging. This method of charging not only keeps these hearing aids small, but it also provides an incredible amount of battery life—up to 40 hours on a single charge. 


The AX hearing aid line is also Bluetooth compatible with both Android and Apple devices. However, if you want to do two-way audio, you must have an Apple device, and they have a very nice smartphone app. They also come with a companion microphone and a TV streamer, which let you stream sound directly into both of your hearing aids. 


The Styletto AX, which is their fashion device, is one of my favourite hearing aids in the Augmented Xperience lineup from an aesthetic standpoint. Not only is this the most visually appealing hearing aid on the market right now, but it also has all of the same great features as the other Augmented Xperience hearing aids from Signia. It's also one of the main reasons why the Signia AX line of hearing aids made the cut. 

Widex Moment Sheer

The Widex Moment Sheer is the fifth hearing aid on this list. Widex excels in a few areas that are unique to them. For starters, Widex hearing aids have some of the fastest processing times on the market. This is known as PureSound, and it is enabled by their zero-delay sound processing strategy. Simply put, by limiting the amount of sound processing they do on an incoming signal, they have been able to reduce the amount of artefact produced by the Comb-Filter effect. The Comb-Filter effect occurs when amplified sound from a hearing aid mixes with natural sound entering the ear canal through an open dome, causing slight distortion. By having a processing delay of less than a few milliseconds, the amount of this Comb-Filter effect that actually occurs is reduced. However, keep in mind that this is only for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. 


The second feature is the SoundSense Learn feature, which is accessible via the Widex smartphone app. This feature learns your hearing preferences through machine learning. This enables you to train your hearing aids and optimise your hearing ability while in a real-life listening situation by performing a series of A:B comparisons. It's like having an audiologist inside your smartphone that you can take wherever you go. So, if you need to make changes to your programming, you can do so directly from your phone. 


The Zen fractal tones for tinnitus are the third reason the Widex Moment Sheer made the list this year. Instead of simply masking your perception of tinnitus with a variety of static noises, as most hearing aid manufacturers do, Widex employs fractal tones, which are a variety of different tones used to distract you from your own tinnitus and reduce your annoyance with it. While these Zen fractal tones will not work for everyone, they are a novel approach to reducing the annoyance of your tinnitus. 


The Widex Moment Sheer is only available in one size. There is only one hearing aid option, and it is a rechargeable hearing aid. So, if you want a hearing aid with disposable batteries, you'll probably have to go back a generation and get the Widex Moment. And, to be honest, there isn't much of a difference in capabilities between these two hearing aids. So we'd advise you to go ahead and do it if you want a disposable battery hearing aid. 


The Widex Moment Sheer works with both Apple and Android devices via Bluetooth, so you can stream any kind of audio to both ears and use the Widex Moment app.

Starkey Evolv AI

Last but not least, the Starkey Evolv AI is the sixth hearing aid on the list of the best canal hearing aids of 2023. The Starkey Evolv AI receiver in canal hearing aids is probably better known for all of the other things it allows you to do besides just hear better. They include features such as fall detection, activity tracking, and even language translation. 


Fall detection uses motion sensors embedded in these hearing aids to determine if you have fallen, and if you have, it will send a notification to someone you have set up on your smartphone. A carer, a family member, or a friend could be the person in question. This feature has literally saved the lives of many Starkey hearing aid users because, without it, people fall over and are unable to get up to seek help. 


Furthermore, the Starkey Thrive app has a wellness score that identifies your activity and engagement levels. This is a great way to see if you're getting enough activity, which we know is important for longevity. Language translation has to be one of the craziest features we've ever seen inside a hearing aid because these hearing aids can literally translate a variety of different languages so you can hear it in your native language. The only problem is that when you respond to the other person, they aren't wearing hearing aids and may not understand what you're saying! However, if you have a good wifi connection or a very stable cell phone connection, this is a really cool feature. 


When it comes to hearing better and dealing with background noise, the Starkey Evolv AI hearing aids have something called Edge Mode, which, when activated, helps to reduce background noise and accentuate the speech that you want to hear. 


Their Starkey Evolv AI hearing aids are also Bluetooth-enabled and work with both Apple and Android devices. Many of the best hearing aids at this point are two-way audio, and yes, it is only available if you use an Apple device. 


Technically, this Evolv AI receiver-in-canal hearing aid comes in six different form factors. There are three versions of this hearing aid: a smaller 312 disposable battery version, a regular size 312 disposable battery version, and a rechargeable version. However, each of these has an Absolute Power receiver option. 


In addition to Bluetooth compatibility, all of these hearing aids have the ability to do remote programming with your hearing care professional, so you can be in the comfort of your own home or on holiday somewhere and have a remote session with your hearing care professional in real time so they can make programming adjustments to your hearing aids.


All of them are capable of producing exceptional sound quality if properly programmed by a good audiologist. Overall, you really can't go wrong with any of the hearing aids on our list, but one of them is likely to be the best hearing aid for you. You just have to take the time to figure out which hearing aid it is, and if you want to be sure, we recommend that you consult with one of our audiologists, who spends all day every day immersed in hearing aid technology. If you have any questions, please contact us below. Please share it with someone else who might appreciate this information, and if you would like to receive regular quality, in-depth, and well-written reviews like this one, sign up for our newsletter.