Best Invisible Hearing Aids 2024

The Best Invisible Hearing Aid Technology for 2024

  • 100% Invisible Phonak Lyric: Explore the unique features and benefits of the Phonak Lyric, including its invisible design and natural sound quality.
  • World's First Instant Fit Rechargeable Signia Silk Charge&Go iX: Dive into the world of Signia Silk Charge&Go iX, with its ready-to-wear design and crystal clear sound quality.
  • Fully automatic Phonak Virto Titanium: Unveil the innovative aspects of the Phonak Virto Titanium, known for its custom-made titanium shell and advanced sound processing.
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Hello, and best wishes for 2024 from myself and the Liverpool Hearing Centre team. In this post, we will look at all of the top invisible hearing aids in 2024.


This is one of our most popular posts every year, and it is our personal pick for the finest invisible hearing aids for 2024. These are our most tried and tested hearing aids for 2023, and we predict a few more new hearing aid introductions this year.


It's also worth noting that no matter how great any of these hearing aids are, none of them are very good unless you get them from a hearing care professional who listens, understands your personal needs, and takes the time to ensure your hearing aids are perfectly set up for you.


Unfortunately, many hearing care specialists in the UK are not allowed enough time by their employers to give it their best. That is the main distinction at Liverpool Hearing Centre, where you will never feel like a number.

With that out of the way, let's get started with the first hearing aid on this year's list of the greatest and most invisible hearing aids in 2024: the Phonak Lyric.

Phonak Lyric: Wear It and Forget It

Feature Description
Invisible Placement Phonak Lyric is 100% invisible, placed deep in the ear canal for complete discretion.
Natural Sound Quality Designed to use the ear’s anatomy to deliver natural sound quality, enhancing listening experiences.
Extended Wear Can be worn 24/7 for months at a time, thanks to its deep ear canal placement and battery life.
All-Day Comfort Engineered for comfort, Lyric is tailored to fit the individual shape of your ear canal.
Tinnitus Management Offers tinnitus management features, providing relief to those with ringing in their ears.
A model diagram of the Phonak Lyric hearing aid deep inside the ear canal

It comes in seven distinct sizes, ranging from extra extra small to extra extra large, allowing it to fit almost any size ear canal.


If you are a good candidate for a Lyric, your Audiologist will insert the device around four millimetres from your eardrum and programme it for you. The Liverpool Hearing Centre is the only Phonak Authorised Provider in Merseyside, Lancashire, and North Wales.


You literally do everything with these things in your ears for two months. In fact, the only things you cannot do while wearing the Lyric are scuba diving, submerged head swimming, skydiving, and undergoing an MRI.

When your two months are up, you return to your hearing care professional's office, where they remove the old Lyric from your ear and replace it with a brand new one, resetting the two-month clock.


If you wish to listen to music, you can do so as if you had no hearing loss because your wireless earbuds or headphones will not interfere with your Lyric devices. The Lyric is a digitally programmable analogue hearing aid that is suspended inside the ear using yellow medical-grade foam, making it exceptionally comfortable and providing excellent sound quality.


You might be wondering what the Lyric hearing aid purchasing procedure is like because it is so different from a typical hearing aid. This means you'll pay £3,400 (accurate at time of print) each year for a double-ear subscription to these devices or £350 per month. Of course, if you just have a hearing loss in one ear and require a single Lyric device, the cost will be half that.


However, given that the lyric is the most inconspicuous hearing aid in the world, takes the least amount of daily maintenance, and is the closest thing to regaining natural hearing, many people believe it is worthwhile.


We will also state that the Lyric hearing aid is often recognised as one of the best hearing aids for those suffering from tinnitus because many people benefit from using hearing aids, which lessens their impression of their tinnitus. When you wear the Lyric device 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you get continuous tinnitus suppression.


Given all of the Lyric extended wear hearing aids' unique perks and the fact that it is a one-of-a-kind device, it deserves to be included in this year's list of the best invisible hearing aids.

Signia Silk Charge&Go IX: Brilliantly Unique

Feature Description
Ready-to-Wear Design Instant fit with incredible comfort, thanks to its ready-to-wear design.
Rechargeable Convenient rechargeability, offering a full day’s hearing from a single charge.
Crystal Clear Sound Delivers crystal clear sound even in challenging listening environments.
Own Voice Processing (OVP) Optimises your own voice's sound for a natural hearing experience.
Ultra Discreet Incredibly small and virtually invisible when worn, ensuring discretion.
A pair of Signia Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aids being charged in the carry case with the green lights on the case

The Signia Silk Charge and Go IX are the next hearing aids on this year's list of the best invisible hearing aids for 2024.


When we initially heard about the advent of this hearing aid, we assumed it would be much larger than the previous generation technology, which required a size 10 disposable battery, but we were completely mistaken.


It's astonishing how compact these hearing aids are, especially given that they're rechargeable.


They are not officially considered invisible in the canal hearing aids, but they are almost impossible to see while they are within someone's ears. You may purchase them in black or mocha. We believe that, for most people, black is the most undetectable colour.


We should also emphasise that the case for this contains additional charges, allowing you to unplug it while on the road, and that the case is even wireless, allowing you to place it on a charging pad and have it charge the case automatically.

Even more impressive than the rechargeability, in our opinion, is the ability to utilise these earwear 3.0 sleeves that can be attached to the ends of these or to have a bespoke ear mould built for the ends of these.


The Signia Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aids can also be controlled from your phone using the Signia app. If you do not wish to use the smartphone app, that is also OK, as you can purchase the miniPocket remote control to make changes.


And if that isn't enough, the Signia Silk charge and Go IX hearing aids can also use a CROS transmitter, so you're covered even if you have single-sided deafness.


Honestly, it is difficult for us to express how impressed we are with Signia and how far they've come with their Silk hearing aids, and considering that these hearing aids are extremely discreet, they're rechargeable, they're compatible with custom ear tips, they can use a remote control or a smartphone app to control the settings of these hearing aids, and they're compatible with a CROS transmitter, it would be impossible for us not to include these in our best invisible hearing aids for 2024.

Now, before we move on to the third hearing aid on this list, it is crucial to note that none of our reviews are sponsored, and we have no affiliations with any of the manufacturers. We may have our favourites at any time of the year, but our decisions are entirely independent and merit-based.

Nothing drives us crazy more than visiting a website that advertises "the best hearing aids on the market," only to discover that they are all complete crap.


That's because, on many of those websites, the hearing aids have paid to be on the list, and the author will be compensated if you follow their affiliate link and purchase one. If a hearing aid appears in one of our top hearing aid articles, it is because it earned its place there, not because it paid to be there.

Phonak Virto Titanium: Fire Away, Fire Away!

A close-up of Phonak Virto Titanium hearing aid with the push button faceplate option

The third hearing aid on this year's list of the best invisible hearing aids in 2024 is the Phonak Virto titanium. The titanium invisible in the canal hearing aids from Phonak have been around since 2017 and have seen several generation upgrades since then so they have a long track record of being a very dependable and invisible hearing aid.


Just like the name suggests, the actual outer shell of this hearing aid is made out of titanium, which makes it stronger than the acrylic shells that you get with a lot of other hearing aids that are out there on the market.


This also allows Phonak to make the shell much thinner without sacrificing durability, which means that they can get it deeper inside your ear canal.


If you're wondering what the Phonak Titanium hearing aid would genuinely look like inside of your ear canals, book a hearing test, we’ll take some impressions and get a free trial and you’ll see that they are more or less totally invisible.

Unlike the other two hearing aids on this year's list, the Phonak Titanium are invisible in the canal hearing aids that still use a size 10 disposable battery, so you'll have to change these batteries every three to five days or so.


Since the Phonak Virto titanium hearing aids have a much thinner shell and smaller components inside of it, it leaves more room for larger receiver sizes, so we can accommodate more significant hearing losses with this invisible hearing aid. Don't get us wrong here; these hearing aids are not appropriate for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss, but we have been successful at fitting people who have moderately severe hearing loss.


The battery door on the face plate of the Phonak Titanium hearing aid can come in several different colours, and it can come with either a push button on it or with no push button. If you get one with a push button, you can actually have it cycle between different programs or cycle between different volume levels.


While you do not get an app with the Phonak Titanium invisible in the canal hearing aids, they do have a feature called AutoSense OS, which will automatically adjust your program settings based on your environment, so you don't really even have to worry about adjusting your hearing aids.

For instance, if you're sitting in a quiet room, the Phonak Titanium hearing aids will be in a calm situation program. You then decide you want to go to a restaurant and when you jump in your car, your hearing aids are going to identify the acoustics of your car and switch you into a speech-in-car program. Then, when you get to the restaurant and walk into that noisy restaurant, the hearing aids are going to be like, well, there's a lot of noise in here, let me switch you into a speech-in-noise program that's more suitable for that environment. You don't have to do a thing to make that happen. And better yet, your hearing care professional can custom program every single one of those different program options, so you can have this hearing aid fully customised and working automatically.


So, if you're looking for a virtually indestructible hearing aid that will automatically switch based on your environment without you having to lift a finger, the Phonak Virto titanium hearing aids might be the perfect invisible hearing aids for you in 2024.

Let's Wrap Things Up

Let's conduct a fast recap for you. Remember, this is in no particular order.


First, we had the Lyric hearing aid, which is the first extended-wear hearing aid that can be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the need to change batteries or charge your devices, allowing you to go months without worrying about your hearing loss.


Second, we had the Signia Silk Charge & Go IX, which are the only rechargeable prescription totally in canal hearing aids that can be fitted instantaneously or with a custom ear mould and managed via a smartphone app. They also include a CROS transmitter for people with single-sided deafness.


Third, we had the Phonak Virto Titanium hearing aid, the only one that is invisible and composed of titanium, making it exceptionally durable.

It is also an excellent choice for those who want their hearing aids to automatically modify programme settings whenever they enter different listening circumstances.

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If you want to learn more about the Phonak Lyric or the Signia Silk Charge & Go IX, please see the links below:


When you think about it, one of the key reasons why hearing aid satisfaction and adoption rates have surged in recent years is that hearing aids have become smaller and smaller. And, while most people with hearing loss couldn't care less if others saw them wearing hearing aids, it's occasionally helpful to have hearing aids that fit completely inside your ear canals so that glasses or other objects don't interfere with the devices behind your ears.


So, if you want to make your hearing aids more invisible, upgrade your technology, or treat your hearing loss for the first time in 2024, these are the gadgets you should look into.

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