Top 4 Best Invisible Hearing Aids of 2023

Best Invisible Hearing Aids 2023 - Which One Is Right For You?

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Liverpool Hearing Centre presents our top picks for the best invisible hearing aids for 2023. In this blog, we are reviewing what we consider to be the top 4 invisible hearing aids currently on the market.


With the smallest hearing aids, getting the right measurements is paramount, which is why we use loupes and ENT microscopes to take the most accurate ear impressions to make your custom hearing aids. 


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Invisible In The Canal (IIC) Hearing Aid Reviews 2023

We do not rank these hearing aids from 1 to 4 because what is the best hearing aid for someone else may not be the best hearing aid for you. It is entirely dependent on your specific wants and needs. This blog is about the best invisible hearing aids in 2023, so if you're looking for the best receiver-in-canal (RIC), click the link.


Every single one of this year's invisible hearing aids is available from Liverpool Hearing Centre, and we can't cover every single feature in this blog. You'll need to make an appointment to learn more and try some out for yourself. Let's start with the most recent invisible in the canal hearing aid on the market:

Oticon Own IIC

The Oticon Own line of custom hearing aids comes in a variety of sizes, but their smallest is the invisible in the canal version. This hearing aid is one of the smallest invisible daily wear hearing aids we've ever seen, and when it's placed inside the ear canal, it goes in so deeply that you probably can't even see it. All you'll most likely see is a black hole.


One feature that we particularly like about the Oticon Own invisible in the canal hearing aid is that it employs the same deep neural network as the Oticon More Receiver in Canal (RIC) hearing aids. Hearing aid processing has traditionally been performed by algorithms developed by hearing aid engineers. The Oticon Own, on the other hand, employs this deep neural network to perform deep learning so that it is not limited to human-developed sound processing algorithms. By training the Polaris chip inside the Oticon Own invisible in the canal hearing aid with over 12 million sound samples, this hearing aid can better determine which characteristics of sound make speech and which characteristics of sound make noise, allowing you to hear what you want to hear and not what you don't.


The Oticon Own IIC, like every other hearing aid in this category, lacks Bluetooth compatibility, so you won't be able to stream audio directly from a smart device into both of your ears, nor will you be able to use app controls from your smart device.


This hearing aid also lacks a push button, so there is no way for you to adjust volume or programming, so you must rely on the programming that your hearing care professional has set up for you. However, they are highly customisable by us, and the level of customisation is determined by the technology level chosen.


The Oticon Own IICs are available in five different technology levels, beginning with the top tier Oticon Own 1 and working down to the bottom tier Oticon Own 5. Because of the use of either a 75-decibel or a 90-decibel receiver, the Oticon Own invisible-in-the-canal hearing aids can be fitted to a wide range of hearing losses.


The Oticon Own IIC cannot be recharged. It employs the smallest disposable battery available, a size 10, and should provide several days of battery life before needing to be replaced.


We predict that this hearing aid, along with the next hearing aid on this list, will be among the best-selling invisible-in-the-canal hearing aids in 2023.

Virto Paradise Titanium by Phonak

The Phonak Virto Titanium IIC hearing aid, which was released earlier in 2022, is now in its third generation since 2017. This means that the technology inside this tiny little guy has advanced sufficiently to justify the upgrade to this new level of technology. It appears to be very similar to the Oticon Own in terms of size and depth. The black face plate blends into the ear canal's black dark opening.


The main feature of this particular hearing aid is, of course, in its name. It is not made of acrylic like most hearing aids, but rather of genuine titanium. Not only is this the most hypoallergenic hearing aid available, but it also allows the Phonak Virto P Titanium to be 26% smaller than its acrylic counterpart. Because titanium is 15 times stronger than acrylic, the shell can be 50% thinner than a traditional acrylic shell hearing aid. We can also have Phonak texturise this titanium shell to aid retention and prevent it from falling out of your ear canal during the course of the day.


Phonak also has an ear canal depth measurement tool to ensure that this hearing aid fits as deeply and invisibly inside your ear canal as possible. This Phonak hearing aid is only available in the top two technology levels. You have the top tier level 90 and the second tier level 70, so you're going to get an advanced level of technology if you choose this hearing aid.


If your ear canal can accommodate the size, it also comes with a medium or super power receiver. In our experience, it is difficult to fit anything larger than a medium power receiver inside one of these Titanium hearing aids.


The durability, the push button on the battery door that allows you to change the volume or the programmes or both, and the auto sense OS 4.0 are our three favourite features of this hearing aid. The Phonak Virto P Titanium hearing aid can automatically adjust its own programme settings based on the environment you're in thanks to Autosense OS 4.0. We can fully customise these various programme settings so you don't have to worry about adjusting your own programme settings when you enter a new environment.  This not only makes the Phonak Virto Paradise Titanium IIC hearing aid one of the best invisible hearing aids of 2023, but also one of the best hearing aids period.

IIC Starkey Evolv AI

The Starkey Evolv AI IIC is the next invisible hearing aid to make the list of best invisible hearing aids for 2023. Starkey offers several different face plate colours for this hearing aid, but as with all IICs, you should go with black because when someone looks inside your ear canal, all they see is a black hole.


The Starkey Evolv AI IIC hearing aids are available in three technology levels. The top tier 2400, second tier 2000, and third tier 1600 all come in three different receiver gain levels of 35 decibels, 40 decibels, and 50 decibels to accommodate a wide range of hearing loss levels.


The small size 10 battery used inside this regular hearing aid will provide you with four to six days of battery life depending on how many hours you wear it per day and how much amplification you receive from these devices. We do recommend that you use a dry box to dry any invisible-in-the-canal hearing aids at night. The smallest IICs may be more vulnerable to moisture damage.

The Starkey Evolv AI IIC hearing aids will not provide you with any of the wireless capabilities found in the other Starkey Evolv AI line of devices, such as Edge Mode, Wellness Tracking, or Fall Detection. Despite its limitations, this hearing aid is a fantastic invisible in the canal hearing aid that is extremely small and invisible.

Phonak Lyric

Last but not least the final hearing aid on the list of best invisible hearing aids as for 2023 is the only extended wear hearing aid on the planet. The Phonak Lyric extended wear hearing aid has been on the market for over a decade, and the company is now on their fourth generation of this extremely unique device. It is the only hearing aid on this list that is professionally placed inside your ear canal and stays there for two or more months at a time by a specially trained hearing care professional.


Liverpool Hearing Centre is one of the few hearing centres in the North West that is authorised to sell and service Phonak Lyric hearing aids. When you return to the hearing centre after two months, we will remove the old one and replace it with the new one.


This hearing aid sits comfortably four millimetres away from your eardrum, preventing occlusion (a blocked up feeling) and reducing the amount of amplification required to treat your hearing loss. The insertion depth is also what makes the Lyric Hearing Aid the most invisible hearing aid on the planet, allowing the battery to last months rather than days. Even if someone were to look inside your ear, it would not be visible. Because it is so deep inside the ear canal, no one will be able to see this particular hearing aid.


The Lyric has only one technology level and is subscription-based, so when you start your subscription, it lasts for an entire year and covers the cost of all unit exchanges as well as all professional services. If you want to keep using the Lyric hearing aid after a year, you can renew your subscription, or you can cancel your subscription and treat your hearing loss with another device.


Lyric has a limited fitting range and is not suitable for all types and configurations of hearing loss because it is technically a single-channel hearing aid, but what it lacks in customisability it more than makes up for with its simplicity and convenience. So, if you're looking for a hearing aid that you can wear 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of what you're doing, including showering and sleeping, the Phonak Lyric extended wear hearing aid could be the hearing aid for you in 2023.


As you can see, there are a number of great invisible in the canal hearing aids currently available on the market, so if you've been putting off treating your hearing loss because you've been waiting for the perfect invisible hearing aid, wait no longer because one of the amazing devices on this list here in 2023 is probably the perfect hearing aid for you.