Bruckhoff Hannover Spectacle Hearing Aids

2019 Update - Bruckhoff Hannover no longer make Air Conduction (AC) Spectacles

Liverpool Hearing Centre is working with Bruckhoff Hannover

We can customise your own personal glasses into a hearing system. Enjoy a unique hearing system which is individual, discreet and comfortable to wear. Please feel free to book a complimentary appointment to find out more about this excellent addition to our services on 0151 676 9608 or fill out the form below for a brochure.

Both glasses and hearing aids are worn behind the ear especially with some of the latest hearing technology so Bruckhoff Hannover has combined the two. Here are just some of the advantages:


  • Added Value - The combination makes your own spectacles into a unique, smart and comfortable seeing and hearing system.
  • Latest Technology - Bruckhoff Hannover is able to combine almost any manufacturer of hearing aids with your personal glasses so you can choose the best system for you.
  • Discreet & Smart - Ideal for people who are looking for a discreet and smart solution for natural hearing.
  • Quality of Life - Enjoy the perfect combination of good hearing and seeing.
  • Click-System - You can click your hearing modules onto any of your glasses if you have more than one pair.


There are two kinds of spectacle glasses - bone conduction (BC) with nothing going into the ear at all and air conduction (AC) with sound being amplified and directed into the ear. Bone conduction hearing aids are mostly only suitable for patients who have poor air conduction hearing but still have good 'nerve hearing' - i.e. the cochlear (inner ear) is mostly intact but there has been some damage to the outer or middle ear, for example, a perforated ear drum, serious ear infections, a blow to the head, etc.

La Belle BC

La Belle BC is the perfect combination of your own spectacles combined Bruckhoff Hannover's own bone conduction hearing modules with nothing in the ear! Discreetly integrated and beautifully finished the new extra benefit for your glasses can hardly be seen but it can certainly be heard. You're already used to wearing glasses and the hearing system is quickly forgotten.

There are three models in the La Belle BC range which makes it easy to choose. They all come with a tone control, volume control, telecoil and 12 frequency bands. The BC 801 is the basic model and is not computer programmable so the frequency bands are fixed. Upgrade to the BC 811 and you now have 4 program options to suit different listening environments and the frequency bands can be adapted to your personal hearing loss. The BC 821 has 4 programs, programmable frequency bands and twin microphones for adaptive directionality for harder to hear conditions. Naturally, our preference is towards programmable customisation and automatic microphone adjustment to different situations

La Belle AC

Most people who are experiencing a natural decline in their hearing are going to be suited to air conduction hearing aids and Bruckhoff Hannover also makes it easy to wear these discreetly especially within their own range. Compared to other manufacturers, they've made it quite easy to choose. They have two models and each has two levels of technology.

La Belle is for your traditional kind of hearing aid with a standard tube and mould and will fit clients discreetly with a powerful hearing aid for moderate to severe hearing losses.


La Belle 2 uses a more invisible 'receiver in the canal' (RIC) delivery system and also allows for open fittings. This is more discreet and comfortable for clients who have a mild to moderate hearing loss.

Both hearing systems are available with one or two microphones allowing for directional hearing. In both cases, we would almost always recommend the twin microphone option.


It is important to note that spectacle hearing aids can be an efficient method of providing a CROS or BICROS solution. This is when the hearing is so poor in one ear that it can't be helped directly with amplification and therefore the sound is transferred across to the better hearing ear. This is only available in the La Belle models and not the La Belle 2 Receiver in Canal variants.

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